Days lost in the woods

ReRooting through body, nature and community

“The strength of the wolf is in the pack, and the strength of the pack in the wolf.”

Stepping out into the woods as a pack, we practice and play with fundamental outdoor skills and our level of awareness while being in nature together.

To be honest, most of the work is done by simply showing up – nature has a habit of giving us what we are needing, no matter what we might think of the experience at the time. We let nature hold us, challenge us and nourish us.

What you might get out of it
  • Days in the Woods usually lead to a deeper feeling of connection with nature, others and self;
  • We practice the basics of conscious communication. This includes principles like owning our experience, sharing impact and using present moment (system/experiential) feedback;
  • We practice fundamental outdoors skills. This includes making a fire, building a shelter, walking barefoot, climbing a tree, taking a plunge in a river;
  • This inner & outer work can increase the capacity to trust yourself and your experience, your agency and self-authority.

A Day in the Woods is led by an experienced facilitator, who will guide the day. The structure will be somewhat dependent on the configuration of the group, but typically consists of:

  • Welcome, housekeeping and going through agreements regarding privacy and other such factors that provide the right conditions for the practice (such as taking care of yourself, ‘no’ being actively welcomed, willingness to be coached etc.);
  • Settling down, relaxation and introductions;
  • Warm-up exercises;
  • Outdoor activities with personal fire time;
  • Closing remarks and sharing.

Our Days in the Woods are for mixed groups, men-only, women-only and families. They can range from 4 hours up to 4 days. Details on what to bring are provided once signed up, and will include towel, water, hiking gear (footwear and clothes).

The way we practice

In order to increase fundamental outdoor skills and deepen our level of awareness, we invite participants to:

  • Reveal themselves by being real and avoiding niceties;
  • Be as present as possible to what is going on for them, at any given time;
  • Participate as they are able, take full responsibility for their own well-being;
  • Join a Fire Talk session prior to the Day; it provides the necessary basic understanding of the relational skills needed to join us in the woods. Book a private consult with Daphne/Daniel if you cannot attend one in person prior to this Day in the Woods.

A Day is set in the beautiful nature of Devon (UK).