Sacred Union

Men and women coming together in wildness, in accordance with the OldWays.

Written deep within our bones, is the original promise between a man and a woman. Despite what popular culture says, it IS all about sex! Through a man and a woman choosing each other fully, and coming together in such a way that honours each of theirs deepest and most fundamental nature…. The man may only take what is freely given, but once it is given, and that the woman trusts in him and his unfolding desire, when and how it shows itself… So the man takes his woman, in every way, claiming her in the ways of old.

And so they both find happiness, and relief in each other… And so the man is made great through her invitation and her surrender… and so she knows such pleasure through giving up consideration of it, pleasure beyond her wildest imaginings… by serving and making her man happy.

Coming soon….