Heal with love

Ram Giri unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago, and access to his program is no longer possible. I provide it here to hopefully be of help to others. It offers excellent 10 minute (ish) guided meditations on the heart cave! And is fantastic for developing an inner body awareness. Special mention to ‘deep relaxation’ in week 1 and ‘day20_Babaji_breath’ in week 3, for 20 minute long guided meditations which really are a wonderful treat of self care. Try and listen to a HeartSourcing (HS) each day, or even several times a day (not while driving obviously).

My only real word of cation with this practice, is because its SO heart focussed it can make us weaker in boundary and discernment, so make sure you have a rewilding practice also to keep yourself rugged and sharp to compliment the tenderness of your heart!

ZIP files for the four week course are downloadable to the right.

The oldest of our Sacred Laws:

The blood of the innocent shall NOT be defiled

The FALLEN have betrayed EVERYTHING that it means to be human


We live in the single most important time, in ALL of history

What part will you play?


EVERY history, religion, sacred text, spiritual teaching, society, movement, science... Has been corrupted by the agents of the enemy

The TRUTH lies within

The TRUE Gospel is written into your heart, your bones, your blood. Seek resonance and knowing within - live from THAT place

You MUST be willing to die or to kill

In accordance with AllFathers WILL, and in protection of EarthMother and ALL of Her children

We were once the most wild AND divine creatures upon this Earth

and we shall be again, THEY made us in THEIR image, we are THEIR chosen children for GOOD reason

My story and message is impossible

regardless, the truth is the truth, no matter yours or mine relationship to it

When in doubt

Go FULL retard

Give yourself up to that which is FAR greater than yourself

Life WANTS to help you, listen for signs, follow the unfolding path, surrender to your fate