Dark night sky

Dark night sky

Dark night sky,perfect black,limitless night sky,inner cave as breath,ocean deeps,intricate as a carved rose,or the working of ones heart, or mind, or the world Welcome to my place, as I awake and dream of youthe sun is falling, dark is born,Dying sun gives way to...

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Why does society hate men?

Why does society hate men?

Society hates men because: we are the watchers and the first line of defence, one of our God given duties is as SACRED PROTECTOR. By hating and weakening and undermining and fettering and twisting and leading astray.... MEN. So it is easier for them to control us all....

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The oldest of our Sacred Laws:

The blood of the innocent shall NOT be defiled

The FALLEN have betrayed EVERYTHING that it means to be human


We live in the single most important time, in ALL of history

What part will you play?


EVERY history, religion, sacred text, spiritual teaching, society, movement, science... Has been corrupted by the agents of the enemy

The TRUTH lies within

The TRUE Gospel is written into your heart, your bones, your blood. Seek resonance and knowing within - live from THAT place

You MUST be willing to die or to kill

In accordance with AllFathers WILL, and in protection of EarthMother and ALL of Her children

We were once the most wild AND divine creatures upon this Earth

and we shall be again, THEY made us in THEIR image, we are THEIR chosen children for GOOD reason

My story and message is impossible

regardless, the truth is the truth, no matter yours or mine relationship to it

When in doubt

Go FULL retard

Give yourself up to that which is FAR greater than yourself

Life WANTS to help you, listen for signs, follow the unfolding path, surrender to your fate