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ReRooting through body, nature and community.

Story of the Pack

Acknowledging the Pack

Being a big brother – the eldest of three – and growing up at our family gatherings with all the cousins certainly stands out when thinking about my ‘Pack’. And as I got older, I chose a career where I could be a brother to other men, someone to rely on and vice versa, I knew the Pack there would have my back.

The Authentic Man Program helped me to feel again, helped me to re-discover vulnerability, which was key in deepening matters with women. It helped introducing me to spirit, to presence and ultimately to truth. A thank you to Decker, Bryan, Kevin, Aurash, Kendra, Danger, Jim, Guy, Mihai, Dan and everyone else too numerous to mention for their part in this phase. I learnt to enjoy the resonance of my voice – I began to like myself.

Through The Fire, a couple of years later further deepened and embedded many of those original lessons. It crystallised my purpose, facilitated me to show up in ways in which I might regard myself as beautiful. I experienced true brotherhood around me (again), thanks to the amazing men alongside me, the team and especially Karim.

And then 2012, Wolf-Pack beginnings with my (step)son Joel, his dear friend Barney, my brother Nic, Jack, Ryan. Many good sessions at The Drum in Cockington, wild camps on the Moors, deep conversation and circles over good food and drink. So proud – the best of times.

To the three wolf-pups without a mother, I love you, and will see you soon, and a shout out to you, and the savaged sheep, mossy fires and our legendary adventures against Orcs and all manner of foul creatures.

To these and other boys and men who have sat with me around the fire, in the pub or under a dark sky I remember you, I love you.

Now, there is a fierce, loyal and loving woman by my side. Two pups of my own.

Committed as ever to the journey into manhood, my own and others, the path changed somewhat: the time is now for a bringing together. Of men knowing who they are in brotherhood, and women knowing who they are in sisterhood – and a meeting, from this place.

No longer (only) “the rewilding of men“.

Here’s to the next step: “Re-Rooting through Body, Nature and Community

– Daniel

Core principles

These are some of our core principles, values and ethos.

Maybe they speak to you, maybe you bring your own to the fires side…


Leave no Trace

Leave a space better than you found it. Leave no trace if possible. Attune to the world around you – have appropriate care.


Truth the highest value

We must learn to discern truth, then hold it as our highest value. Sensory / bodily based truth balanced with critical thinking… obviously NOT judgements / projections / unprocessed programs.

~|Thumb Up~|material~|solid

Commit with grit

To some extent, life is suffering, one can commit to the relatively minor suffering of following through on what is right, or experience the unending pains of missed opportunities and potential.



Know who you are, your code – the values by which you guide your life. Let go of what is necessary – yet cherish what you are.


Follow the showing

The sun dappled path, the flutter of ones heart, the hit of intuition, the unfolding before you… follow it.


Trusting the process

Life will often show us the way, especially if we are on a conscious path. IF you step onto the path, the path or next step may not always be clear. Practice trust.


Living in the tension of the crossroads

An adult, or integrated life – requires that we learn to live in the tension created by two seemingly opposed truths. Be it the everyday mundane & the mystical, compassion & strength, the city & the woods. Live in the tension of the crossroads.


Slow is smooth

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Slow down if needed, feel the naked foot upon the ground, travel further, come home.

~|Wb Sunny~|material~|solid

All the answers lie within

Self-knowing and attuning, or solitude in nature, of support from your pack might be required to find said answers. But rest assured – you carry them inside.


Honour the no

When talking around the fire, or diving into the cold water, or climbing a tree. If in doubt – trust your no. We trust you to know the difference between fear and a genuine no. Without a clear yes, or clear fear – practice no. We welcome it.



Simplicity is elegance. Where can we minimise, reduce, operate from the basics? Where can we simplify to give more room for life and being?


Build upon stone

Maslows hierarchy of needs is a useful model. We aim to respect and pay homage to each level. Working our way up – step by step.

Our Tagline

“ReRooting through body, nature and community” what it means…


“the body never lies”

We need the wisdom and innate strength of our BODIES to come online again. Cultivating the eyes to see and the ears to hear what is happening, right now. We practise natural movement, awaken the body’s senses, we re-discover our trust in the knowing of our body, grow our somatic awareness, and come home to our natural rhythm.


“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”

We need the NATURAL WORLD to help us remember who we are, to hold us, to challenge and nourish us. We need her to help us remember our place in the natural order of life. We will actually be IN nature (half the battle), become a part of her, learn to make a fire, build a shelter, climb a tree and take a plunge in the river. She will show us the way back to ourselves, to each  other…


“We can’t become ourselves by ourself”

We need EACH OTHER. What is happening in any moment between us is the fuel for our own healing and growth. We practice the skills of conscious communication, make art out of our contractions and our expansions, and reveal ourselves by being real and avoiding niceties.

The teachings of our blood

“I have been, and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.”

~ Herman Hesse

These days, for many reasons whether they be;

  • the many conflicting versions of wider events we are presented with
  • aligning our life with truth and a deeper sense of purpose
  • discerning solutions to the many problems we face as a society
  • or simply knowing best what to do

It is essential now that we are better able to trust in and listen to our own body, an ongoing process that leads to challenge, richness of experience and a glint in ones eye.

our team

Inspired to walk our talk

The woman on the other side of the fire.

Pivotal moments of Daphne’s life:

  • Finding herself in the wrong job, the wrong company, the wrong life;
  • Stumbling into a community that radically changes the world through social entrepreneurship;
  • Having a medical diagnosis that just didn’t cut it for her;
  • Ending up in India and returning many times;
  • Coming into contact with Integral Theory and then Circling;
  • Meeting Daniel and from there the rollercoaster of motherhood and selfsustained living.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Daphne graduated with honours for her law and business degrees. Her professional life started by working for large companies such as Sara Lee in sales and PepsiCo in sales analysis. Waking up in 2008 to ‘the real state of the world’, had Daphne leave her corporate life.

The re-education journey that started took her into the territory of conscious business, sustainability and Integral Theory while at the same time having a deep dive into personal development and awareness practices like Feminine Power, Authentic Communication, Circling, KungFu and ChiKung.

Meeting Daniel early 2013 sparked a new rollercoaster of exploring off-grid living in the Southwest of England as well as becoming parents to two beautiful boys…

Daphne supports various innovative, sustainability initiatives that represent a more inclusive and sustainable world through business development, program management, group facilitation and 1-on-1 leadership development.

Daphne is passionate about societal change, cutting out the bullshit and dedicated to an everlasting process of becoming a whole-hearted woman. She is still working on a her sense of humour, her whittling skills and her ability to do 5 pulls ups in a row.


Founder – “to love, to protect, to lead by example.”

Daniel has a ‘previous life’ in which he served with the Royal Marine Commandos, worked in Close Protection, a Private Security Detachment based in the Middle East conflict zones and lastly as a Maritime Security Officer in the Somalian seas.

During this military and security career he ended up learning a hard lesson in his personal life, with a broken down marriage and the breaking apart of his first family. Galvanised by these circumstances he embarked upon a new journey, qualifying as a NLP and Hypnosis practitioner, personal trainer and a Confidence Coach. In 2010 and 2011 he twice spent a considerable amount of time in San Francisco where he immersed himself in the Authentic Man Movement and the Circling Community.

With a deepened understanding that his real ‘work’ was to be offered in the UK he returned to Devon to set up base with Wolf-pack. Daniel has a unique mix to offer combining both the strength he knows from his military and security training as well as a strength born from vulnerability. A well of love and compassion next to a sharpened understanding about the ‘real state of the world.’

He is currently in a living experiment with his love Daphne and their two sons exploring a self-sustained life. This part of the journey is bringing him back to the heart of things, continuing the deepened understanding of self, others and the world, as well as real life action both in day-to-day living circumstances and his passion for this work.

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