Dear Brothers and Sisters

I want to talk some more about wicked witches; in my story coming to see them FULLY for what they are, was more difficult than seeing my paedophile father and his satanic network, more difficult than remembering some of the children murdered and eaten around me, more difficult than remembering being taken to hell itself and being raped and tortured by the most terrible of serpents that dwell there, more difficult than seeing the energetic and physical form of a fallen and devouring god.

THAT is how deeply they are buried from our senses and hidden from sight.

Here are FIVE key spells that wicked witches cast on their victims and the world.

The wicked witches I am familiar with from terrible first hand experience, called themselves ‘the daughters of Lilith’ they aspired to be like Lilith (who has placed herself in front of Gaia in their distorted senses), they also worshipped the “beautiful bringer of light” “Lucifer” and they all aspired to make him proud and become his “wife” to effectively mate with who they believed their chosen father to be.

They hated God because “he was jealous and controlling and had lots of rules” “Lucifer let them be what they wanted to be, let them express themselves fully, showed them their full potential, made them even more beautiful”

The self aware wicked witches like my ‘mother’ ‘grandmother’ and ‘aunts’ are FULLY conscious of what they do, and practice in their covens and very much follow celestial windows to practice their blood magic’s and darkening rites.

Such witches control the satanic world to an extent from the shadows. They are the hidden hand behind the DarkShepherds who rule us, they are considered ‘closest’ to Lucifer and his highest daughter Lilith.

(Yes of course there are good ‘witches’ of light and dark, mid wives, healers, seers and so on… and YES they have been wrongly persecuted throughout history as have good men).

In my mothers coven, they became particularly beautiful, due to the potency of the blood and flesh they harvested from me in stricken states, from the adrenochrome they extracted from me and other children and animals.

When there is a paedophile monster of a man, chances are there is either an unconscious witch, parasitic narc bonded with the living darkness of the enemy OR a self aware wicked witch, whose eyes go black when the witching fully rises up to posses her.

These witches are also the watchers of humanities blood lines, and the manipulators in the background of the satanic world, in some ways reminiscent of the ‘Bene Gesserit’ from the Dune franchise.

Spell 1: Birth and unholy bond

When a child is born to a wicked witch, one of the ceremonies that are common place, is that the umbilical cord is cut early, and the baby is then strangled with the cord as fluids leak out of it. The child is then resuscitated by the ‘mother’ who then soothes the baby with touch and milk and sexual stimulation and penetration.

This is designed to achieve a couple of things…

1.1/ our spirit animal – bond to healthy and natural darkness incarnate, is weakened by the umbilical cord being cut artificially, as opposed to letting it drop off naturally once the nutrients and spiritual elements have been fully transferred. Thus weakening the spirit animal bond makes the child more tame and pliable… (which is reminiscent of the ‘intercision’ as portrayed in ‘his dark materials’

1.2/ to deepen and exaggerate the maternal bond to her child, to form an unholy union of sex, EXTRA dependency (now the healthy darkness-animal spirit-PROTECTOR is less apparent), THIS particular bond often formed at the threshold moment of birth between a wicked witch and her child makes it a particularly powerful and terrible spell.

Spell 2: Victim fake persona (and protect me)

From the first spell cast, the witch-mother and her helpers will enact dioramas and ‘plays’ of her being assaulted by ‘bad men’ this is so with one aspect of her false persona, she can present her self as an ally and fellow sufferer alongside the child victim. It also allows her to hide behind the presented monster (the wrong kind of monster man she normally controls), meaning that if ever justice is gotten, the male abuser is persecuted and the female remains hidden in the shadows as just another victim of HIM.

My ‘mother’ would fuck everyone she could at Satanic parties I was taken to, and then later when trying to re-bond me to her after I’d been tortured and raped, reporting how terribly she too had been treated.

2.1/ This spell is particularly strong with male children, as it also invokes the divine role of the male protecting the female form, which is why its particularly difficult for male survivors to break free of the bond to their witch-mother

Spell 3: partaking:
These wicked witches are VERY good at forcing a child through impossible situations (either you kill this child or I torture THIS ONE to death) into being forced into doing something terrible the child doesn’t want to do. So then the witches (and satanists) can highlight the evil the child has ‘done,’ how they are now damned, how if they partake theirs and others suffering will be lessened, how the LightBringer will protect them and reward them with worldly goods and physical immortality (he wont in any meaningful way) and so on…

3.1/ Wicked witches are also VERY good at making a victim FALSELY believe that they’ve done things they haven’t, for example “you killed that baby didn’t you, didn’t you, DIDN’T YOU” repeating conditioning under pain and torture until the child’s mind gives in and accepts a version of events that didn’t actually didn’t happen. IF you’re an old soul, an angel-radiant one returned to physical life for these end times, then there is a VERY good chance that despite what you currently believe, that you were NEVER broken by your abusers.

3.2/ The ideal response to such machinations as a child or adult, is that you do not get involved in the ‘either or’ zero sum game, IF the enemy and its agents know they can leverage something against you, so they will again and again. You are NOT responsible for the actions of evil doers – you ARE responsible for protecting your SOUL, and you ARE responsible for healing and for doing what you can to expose and bring such monsters to justice, as you are able.

For the enemy to be defeated; You as an adult you must be willing to let every being in the world be tortured to death before you would allow yourself to partake in evil ‘to save them.’

4/ The depth of their depravity:
These witches are the worst of human monsters, their covens are SO secret that no man may attend or else he must be sacrificed, they are even more secretive than the satanic paedophile rings that the ‘rulers’ of this world belong too.

While a mother and woman’s heart is one of the most pure and beautiful things in all this world. When a female falls and becomes inverted, when they are possessed by the parasitic darkness to the extent that their eyes TURN BLACK, well then their capacity for malice and cruelty and deception and violation just becomes SOMETHING ELSE.

The EXTENT of this malice and evil is SO confronting, SO against their supposed NATURE and our understanding of it, that it creates an incredible dissonance and repression in and of itself, in the individual AND in the collective consciousness of humanity!

5/ Their greatest secret and most important charge:
The wicked witches are the carriers and purveyors and holders and guardians of the DarkSeed. This black oil like substance is living-parasitic-darkness, it is reminiscent of the black goo from Prometheus (, but it moves FAR more slowly.

It is the living-parasitic-darkness of the great devourer, it is in fact a physical PART of the ‘Devil’ (satanic demiurge) itself. They often contain this fluid in silver vials around their neck during their darkening rites, and they will force this living part of a fallen god into their victims, trying to literally put the dark seed into bleeding wounds or body orifices of the screaming child, while then trying to manipulate the victim to partake in a particular way would mean acting in accordance with the parasitic-darkness and so allow the parasitic darkness to latch onto and thus bond with the victim. (Such bonding does not take full effect until adulthood is reached, it in some ways replaces/supplants the compromised spirit animal bonding that used to occur as we reached adulthood).

Dealing with wicked witches: AKA divine Vengeance and JUSTICE

It is not normally right for a man to physically harm a woman. Unless it is an act of genuine self defence, during combat, or in the protection of an innocent / upholding of sacred law.

These wicked witches should not be considered women (as they are NOT), and certainly shouldn’t enjoy the privilege of masculine protection.

In matters of divine justice and vengeance, it is appropriate and proper, for TRUE WOMEN to inflict divine vengeance upon these fallen once women. In the coming years it will be my Annabelle who will hunt down and bring to terrible justice EVERY single female that ever hurt/violated/tormented/sought to destroy me. As IS right and DEMANDED by EarthMother against all of Her fallen daughters.

My 3-4 narc ex,’s, my witch mother and her ‘sisters’…. It is not me you need to fear, outside of your smear campaigns you know I’m an honourable man and a protector of women and children. It is Annabelle and her sister-hunter-warrior-TRUE-WOMEN who WILL show you the true meaning of terror in due course.

I and my hunter-warrior brothers, the True Men WILL take care of our fallen and disgusting Warlock ‘brothers.’

And so it will be across the world as the OldWays are remembered and then embodied and lived once again.

The matriarchy vs the patriarchy, is another narrative put into the world through the machinations and systems of DarkShepherds and warlocks/wicked witches who rule this world.

Patriarchy vs Matriarchy is similar to communism vs capitalism vs socialism, NONE of them are part of the natural order of things, and by fragmenting and fracturing aspects of a whole and encompassing and mutually serving TRUTH, into an oppositional and reductive duality, and by editing and misrepresenting ALL of our histories, so the perfect divide and control narrative is formed, for what more of a key difference and theme is there at the heart of humanity and even CREATION, than that between God and Goddess, man and woman, masculine and feminine?

Such lies ARE initially propagated by the whispering of witches in their ‘homes’ and then the wider world. IF you are someone who has bought into the divide and conquer narrative of feminism, that pits women against men, as if normal and good men have somehow been oppressing women throughout all of history?!?!?!

Well then you HAVE been deceived, and in all likelihood there is a witch (unconscious parasitic-vulnerable-covert-narc, OR a more conscious and intentionally terrible wicked witch) in your story that has both contributed into making those half-failed-inverted-men into what they are that hurt you so terribly, and that made THEM the focus of pain in your story so they the WITCH could escape detection.

YES many good women have horrifically suffered through the ages, but so too have good MEN. We must come together and unite against the evil abusers who beset us ALL. And NOT allow ourselves to be distracted and divide by race or sex or gender or whatever else which only acts to protect our ABUSERS and so damn more victims to the cycle of abuse and harvesting.

These wicked witches are the single biggest hurdle to my warrior-hunter brothers joining my side (for now), so many OldSouls are hindered by hidden secrets of bondage, their brightness targetted by the worst of witches.

My ‘mother’ when she felt WOLF rising in me in response to her torturing a child or animal to death, so she would switch to her victim persona:

help me Daniel, I’m hurt I’ve been raped by the bad men, come and hold me, protect me”

then she would try to soothe me and sexually stimulate me to re-bond me to her and push WOLF away, THEN she might say:

you’re just like your father, your WORSE than you father, you want to put your dirty little willy in EVERYTHING, in ME your MOTHER!?!?! (I fucking didn’t to be ABSOLUTELY clear – she has ALWAYS disgusted me) You men are all the same, ruled by your small head, raping all of us poor women, such monsters”

you have a monster inside YOU, I see his eyes he wants to kill ME, oh my gosh my god, my son wants to kill meeeee he has a monster inside him even worse than his fatherrrr

(I did want to kill her yes,. For raping me my whole life, for killing hundreds of children and animals around me, and for torturing me to death again and again, for the record I and WOLF are the right kind of monster, NEEDED to combat the EVIL in this world, and always being in deep protection of the innocent and world)

IF you deny the reality of female abusers, which is at least half of the issue, so you enable their evil. GOOD women, we as good men need your protection and belief in us, we NEED your love and understanding, we NEED you to be on the same team as us so many of us have suffered terribly and been horrifically bonded to these evil witches.

In closing….

REMEMBER: our Spirit Animal is both a representation of our souls wildness AND the physical manifestation of our healthy darkness, is our protector, and part of our forgotten birth-right, its why ‘the beast’ and ‘darkness’ has been collapsed in narrative and ‘religion’ with ASPECTS of the enemy-SatanicDemiurge-FallenGod…

The enemy FEARS our wildness, which yes is held and contained by SacredLaw and DUTY and honour..

IF you wish to heal, IF you wish to make this world right, you must remember and reconnect to your spirit animal-protector and healthy darkness within!

IF you wish to protect our children and to heal and do your part in saving the world, so you must come to see these wicked witches for what they are!