To Daphne the witch-rapist
Copy paste as needed the text from these documents to then be completed, printed and counter signed by you and your solicitor Ann Vowles of Berlad Graham solicitors.

This web-page and the videos directly associated to THIS matter and process will be deleted upon completion of this process and safe handover of the children.

These documents are for my personal use i.e. for correspondence with courts / police if/as needed, and I have no plans (don’t give me one) to share them online at any point.

These completed documents are to be passed over with Flynn and Oliver at the drop off BEFORE sundown 15/Aug/2023, as well as ALL other documents pertaining to them (birth certificates, passports, medical docs, etc..)

IF the documents have been diluted in clarity or documents are missing, any fuck about factor and I will disclose that which you don’t want me to.

You will also need to inform the school of these change of circumstances, and that Flynn and Oli will no longer be attending that shit hole.

And then fuck off back to the Netherlands, never to be seen again on these shores.

—————————————————————————-name change begin———————————————————————

<Daphne Address line 1>
<Daphne Address line 2>
<Daphne postcode>
<Daphne Mobile Phone number>

Letter of permission for name change

Dear Sir / Madam
This letter is my written consent as their mother for the following name changes of my sons:

* Flynn Rainer Kendall to become Flynn Rainer Forester

* Oliver Adrian Kendall to become Oliver Oak Forester

Please note I am in the process of abdicating my parental responsibilities and moving back to my homeland of the Netherlands to never see my children again. If you need to contact me regarding this matter you can reach me by the address at the top of the letter or the address of my parents address in the Netherlands below. The Father of Flynn and Oliver; Lord Daniel Ash Forester (formerly Mr Daniel Roger Kendall) of The Edge, Bolton Street, Brixham TQ5 9DH, has my full permission to make such decisions in the future without consulting me or gaining my permission.

<parents Address line 1>
<parents Address line 2>
<parents Address line 3>
<parents Area Code>
The Netherlands
<Contact Phone number and dialling code>

You will find a copy of my passport attached to this letter as proof of my identity, and this letter has been witnessed and co-signed by my solicitor Ann Vowles of Berlad Graham Solicitors.

Yours faithfully


Daphne *** ***



Witnessed by Ann Vowles of Berlad Graham Solicitors


——————————-name change end ———————————–parental control begin—————————————–

The paragraphs below are to be added VERBATIM (unless for technical/legal reasons; I.e. Ann Vowles is now working for a different legal provider) to a legally recognised document witch is to be prepared to a satisfactory legal standard and counter signed by Ann Vowles, and also signed and dated by Daphne *** *** as well.

I Daphne *** *** of <address> give up and abdicate ALL of my Parental rights and responsibilities to my sons Flynn Rainer Kendall and Oliver Adrian Kendall. I pass them and FULL parental responsibilities and control to their Father; Lord Daniel Ash Forester (formerly Mr Daniel Roger Kendall) of The Edge, Bolton Street, Brixham TQ5 9DH

(Please note that in the foreseeable future and with my full permission; under the lead of their Father, the names will be legally changed respectively to Flynn Rainer Forester and Oliver Oak Forester)

As a point of record; I intentionally and maliciously lied to the family courts, the police and to friends and community, misleading them all to believe that their father was abusing Flynn, Oliver and me when he was NOT. That actually it is I that is the abuser in the household, taking advantage of Daniel’s remembered and horrific memories of being ritualistically abused as a child as a means of turning others against him and further abusing him, and so am now doing the right thing and permanently removing myself from the situation for everyone’s welfare. I am moving back to the Netherlands in part due to the shame of my manipulative behaviour and conduct, and entrust Flynn and Oliver and ALL decisions and responsibilities surrounding them FULLY to their father, who has been and will continue to be the best father any child could wish for.

I am not planning on seeing Flynn or Oliver ever again. And I make this statement and document freely and of clear mind and judgement. This document is prepared and witnessed and signed for by my solicitor Ann Vowles of Berlad Graham Solicitors.

————————————————–parental control end——————————————————————-