Worse than the secret societies of Satanists who rape and torture our children, sacrificing them to their fallen god, those dark shepherds, who serve the Anunnaki – the serpent rulers of this world.

Possibly worse (in their own way) even than the chosen children of the great enemy, who some may know as reptilian humanoids, shape changers, but who actually in their true form are Dragons! Dragons that hide in their layers and nests DEEP beneath the earth, fed an unending supply of sacrifices from the surface by their human familiars, hiding their true form from us as much has they can, as deep in the human collective memory we KNOW this ancient and terrible foe, these children of the ‘devil’ – those damned serpents who sacrificed their soulmate so long ago, who the Satanists all worship, worst of all about these beings – the serpents tongue, an amorphous tentacle of a tongue they use to penetrate and sucker on and tap into the nervous systems of other creatures, and so simulate untold tortures and violations to their victims as if it was real….

And maybe hardest to believe…. certainly for me as a man so sworn and moved to the protection of women and the feminine, are the hidden covens of wicked witches, those black eyed women who hide in plain sight, they act in similar ways to the Satanists, and often intermingle, BUT their identity and covens are kept secret even from all but the very highest Satanists, and no men are allowed to attend their dark rites.

THEY are the carriers of the ‘dark seed’ the living darkness that is reminiscent of the black goo as seen in the movie Prometheus, the living form of the #SatanicDemiurge – they are the single greatest spreaders of the darkening corruption of this world, they are often the invisible bed mates of paedophiles and #Satan worshipping monstrous men….

They turn their sons into the wrong kind of monsters, and indoctrinate their daughters into the coven.

My ‘mother’ and her sisters and her mother made up such a coven… they monitor and manage the human blood lines, and from the shadows even the Satanists are beholden to them…. they are TERRIBLE, sacrificing animals and children in dark woods and caves… they sometimes call themselves ‘THE DAUGHTERS OF LILITH’

My ‘mother’ made my Lucifer worshipping, child raping and torturing paedophile-monster of a ‘father,’ look a lost boy scout compared to her depravity…

Together they raped me almost every night of my childhood, they rented me out as their golden child for wealth and prestige, and did things much much worse than that…

And maybe they are most terrible and difficult to see, because to see a human woman (that is normally so beautiful and wonderous a creature, made in the very image and likeness of our beloved Goddess) fallen sooooo LOW, sooooo depraved, sooooo devoted to a dark and fallen god, their Lucifer and the serpents that serve HIM… is just SO abhorrent to our senses that it forces us to reject it, that has certainly been the case for me until it came pouring out of my body more clearly than ever this morning…

Some of the things particular to the abuse at the hands of my core abuser my ‘MOTHER’

  • tearing my skin with her nails and then covering my entire body in my own blood
  • Using my blood as a lubricant for herself
  • her and her sisters and mother, carrying out dark rites on me under the moon laid in the middle of a pentagon, killing and eating, forcefeeding me animals and even children they had bought with money ‘earnt’ from pimping me out to my fathers network
  • making potions, i.e mixing my blood with my fathers semen and force feeding it to me
  • her eyes turning black as she let the parasitic darkness in her come to the surface
  • mixing flesh from sacrifices into normal day to day ‘meals’

“Do what thou will they say, THIS cannot be known! THIS cannot be remembered! Lucifer promises us our FREEDOM to do ANYTHING we want” they say….

They are the hidden hand in the evil on the surface this world…. and a twisted and inverted and evil mothers heart truly is the most terrible thing atop this world…

The FULL truth of this world is coming brothers and sisters, and it is TERRIBLE…. when it’s fully seen our hearts and minds will BREAK

I promise I didn’t want to see this, that this isn’t convenient for me in anyway… that I don’t even want it to be true, but I have chosen truth so many times now, that I know truth when it reveals itself…

I am so close to the end of my remembering and healing, and then I can REALLY start changing things