(long read)

Dear Brothers and sisters, I’ve held off on writing this, as this in some ways touches on what is most ‘unbelievable’ or ‘out there’ about my story.. even more ‘fantastical’ than the fallen god which you could call the ‘satanic demiurge’ that came here so long ago to feed upon us with its chosen children, even more unbelievable than these chosen children, these shape changing serpents slumbering deep beneath the surface of the earth, that control this world through the ruling elites – those human high familiars and dark shepherds of humanity…

The golden child – and who I am, the most challenging part of my story and my remembering.

YET; the truth MUST be spoken for the world to be made right, and we are running out of time. It is not the first time I have spoken such things, not by far, but speak it again I will.

The singers of old

In the times of old, long before ANY recorded history, in the times of the first peoples, before even the enemy came here: we as the chosen children of our God and Goddess acted as stewards and caretakers and wardens and hunters of the garden entrusted to our care. We ARE a hunter-warrior centric species (who would NEVER kill the young nor a pregnant female of any species, and would only hunt when needed against suitable prey, honouring them and their spirit and their death upon completion of a successful hunt), our souls evolve not just through love and unity and becoming, but through honour and courage and valour and adherence to sacred law and lived TRUTH, and also through the unending lovemaking with the beloved soul made perfectly to fit us as we come of age and become worthy of finding each other.

In these first days, the oldest and most radiant souls walked this earth as ‘demigods,’ part human – part ‘angel’- part ‘wild beast.’ SO close were they after MANY lives and deaths to earning their return to Elysium/Heaven/Valhalla, and so these ancient and wise souls walked this earth as leaders and prophets and healers and the greatest of hunters, radiating golden light, healing and soothing all who came close, to be in their presence of a golden one was to know TRUTH… and they were normally trailed by a procession of wild animals…

There is an ‘echo of the great song’ that resonates out through all of the heavens, the first peoples sung to this echo, yet these singers of old sung truer than any other, they sung the echo of great song that IS that of CREATION itself, who is greater even than our God who is manifest as the ever burning Sun, and our Goddess who is manifest as the bountiful Earth. EVERY man is a son of God made in HIS image and likeness, EVERY woman is a daughter of GODDESS made in HER image and likeness.

Our God and Goddess ARE children of CREATION, and so even they sing and add to Creations song (as does EVERY God and Goddess – star in the sky). The ancient singers of old, whose song would break your heart and move you to tears of joy, so their song helped all living things grow, this is part of the reason that “in the times of the old trees reached up into the sky, among the clouds” – it was in part due to the singing of first peoples.

The Golden Child

A Wednesday or so ago the inspirational and heroic Anneke, came down to visit me on MY beach to record an interview for her podcast. Earlier that morning in my somatic process/body memory unfolding on the beach, the ‘scene’ shifted from the underworld-gestalt that involved me being raped and tortured by those highest and most terrible of ancient serpents Lilith and Baal, and most painfully of all the death of my SoulMate, who was called Abigail in that life of hers.

And so I relived myself as a small boy, my hair still golden-white, maybe 3 or 4 years old, a bird flew into a widow with a THUMP, and I went outside and gathered it’s broken body up, carrying it to a quiet corner of the garden, and started softly singing to it, other birds gathered around as I did, and gradually a soft and warm glowing golden light radiated from my cradled hands, and as I blew gently onto the bird, so its broken wings and neck reset into place, split skin also reforming…. It shook itself off, and with a twerp flew off…

The scene shifted again, and I saw myself having wandered once again away from the ‘family home’ in Port Navis into a local woodland, and I was sat in a small clearing, singing with tears in my eyes and fading cuts upon my skin, birds had landed on my shoulders and arm as I sat on a fallen tree, and other birds were gathered around adding to my song, a badger, hedgehogs, a fox…. And even a deer emerged and watched me while I sang, we were interrupted by ‘panic stricken voices’ and so the scene shifted to my ‘mother’ telling me “not to runaway like that,” “what if someone stole me from her…. Her precious golden boy”

In days after this I have relived more almost daily, and I’m taking a day off today to give it all some time to settle.

I have also relived, the wolf within me who was so strong even when I was a child, helping me to break free of my bonds on occasion at satanic parties if my mother wasn’t watching and I was relatively alone for a while, and how I would tear out the throat of an unsuspecting Satanist, or cave in the back of their head with a heavy object, or kill THEM with their own sacrificial dagger.

I have relived my mother stabbing me in the neck again and again afterwards, “Daniel you really need to stop killing our friends at our special parties, you’re making things VERY difficult for us” My witch-mother had some kind of hold over Wolf, some dark spell twisting the males sacred duty to protect the female physical form, and so WOLF was unable to kill her, my mother switching roles into her victim persona “help me Daniel help me, the bad men are hurting me” and so WOLF would be pacified.

One of the ways to side-step around such a dark spell, is in protection of others, and in particular those bonded to me by blood or soul were strong enough to over-ride the spell, which is why I was so effective in protecting my brothers, and is why Helena’s death had such an EFFECT on me.

What else has come up, is that at some point my witch mother discovered my innate ability to heal other creatures, and so she would bring a variety of animals to me, puppies, cats, squirrels and birds… and she would hurt them and kill them to make and so watch me heal them, an inhuman hunger in her black eyes as I did.

She tried so hard to get me to do such healing for her and my fathers friends and associates at home gatherings or any of the countless satanic parties I was taken too, but I didn’t – I knew I’d be lost if I did, and so the body count of small animals and children rapidly increased, as I refused to heal them in these settings to great frustration of my parents, but particularly my witch-mother.

My mother and father ‘earned’ a LOT of money by pimping me out; as the golden child I was, those that raped me would often feel better in the days after raping me, revitalised, feeling younger and with old aches and pains receding…. Apparently I was considered ‘hot stuff’ within their network. I was also HIGHLY responsive and expressive, my young body being initiated into sex far too young, exploding in seemingly unending orgasms of great power and energetic release which to their dark vampiric senses seemed like small explosions of rainbows and stars of energy for them to feed on, in response to what they forced on me and my body, even for them THEIR orgasms and releases were more powerful, satisfying and potent… and this is not because of some training or conditioning I’d received, this was as a result of how old my soul was and how great my capacity has become.

Id also relived my mother and father, surrounded by family members conducting dark rites at my conception and birth, the aim to call in an old soul for their advancement, my mother also strangled me with my umbilical cord as I was born.

“do you know how many children I’ve had to kill Daniel, how many have you let DIE you selfish boy, you’re ruining everything, just show them your special magic my beautiful son/you spoilt little brat, you killed them Daniel NOT ME, I was just trying to share your wonder with our friends, YOU LET THEM ALL DIE”

Hundreds of children and animals were killed in such a way, and the purchasing and disposing of them eat through the rape-earnings quickly.

“all those puppies Daniel, all those birds that you love so much, all those BABIES dead… because of you”

And in the last couple of days, I’ve been reliving what she would do to me in her dark rites with her coven, with her two younger sisters, my aunties Julie and Lucy, and their mother ‘nanny Lee’ / Elizabeth…

I was a living pain, flesh and blood farm to them, my self healing capacity FAR beyond anything they had ever dared to hope for. And so they would kill me again and again, cutting my throat and watching it heal, cutting out my heart and eating it before me, marvelling as my body reformed, a giant metal nail was driven into my forehead with a hammer and left there, either being gradually pushed out as I healed, of them removing it them self, my mother also cut me open ‘like a butterfly’ arranging my innards and organs and flayed skin in some grisly display, I was skinned alive, the skin peeled back and down from my face as if I was an orange, she would cut me deeply between my legs so I could be “the daughter she’d always wanted” (and had had to sacrifice as her first born) and then I’d be raped in this new gaping wound with a serrated metal cylinder object, which was also used to rape and grate apart my throat.

They would cut parts of my body off, my tongue, chunks of flesh, my eyes, ears, penis, limbs… and eat them in front of me, their eye black as oil, dark wraiths hovering on the other side above them.

Some long nights, my mother killed me again and again in such ways, hundreds of times under a blood red moon.

It was during the pivotal ceremony when I was five and a half in Nigeria, that I was able to send the golden boy within me away. John the beast had been seduced by and then promised by my mother, that IF he could prove during these ‘festivities’ that I WAS the Golden Boy she spoke of… that John could kill my father and that he could have her AND me and the elevation and power that followed.

My soul daughter, my evening star, alive in this time as Helena had accepted a life so she could help me her soul father, and so as my witch-mother sacrificed Helena as she had me so many times, and ‘peeled her open like a butterfly.’ So my soul escaped my body as they force fed me her heart, and so I saw the great enemy itself in its true energetic form, closing in on the astral plane.

I was never able to heal again in the same way after this, and my witch-mother FELT that part of me leave…. She KNEW I had changed and was tormented and frustrated by this, her witch mother Elizabeth withered and died of cancer a couple of years later, without my flesh and blood so available for harvesting to sustain her.

Who I am

I’ve known who and what I am for some time now, that I am the oldest child soul born to this realm, that I was here when this earth itself was formed. That our true Mother and Father sensed the nearing evil, and so created me long before any other, so I’d be capable of leading my people in the coming wars against evil incarnate.

I have been here at every time of importance through ALL of our histories, remembered and forgotten, and I have been here in many other times as well.

Apparently the enemy and its agents, believe my soul and undying body is contained in a gold lined tomb, buried deep in the earth or beneath the oceans waves. I am cunning, and I have deceived the deceivers many times, just as I deceived Lilith and Baal the rulers of the serpents, and so I escaped HELL in this life.

My first given name is Ah’sigh’yah (phonetically spelt), In this life and many others I have been THE golden child and I am becoming THE golden man AND the WOLF of shadow.

NONE has my sweetness or tenderness, none has my wildness nor blood-rage-fury, none even comes close. In these coming years, I must become ABSOLUTE, as the chosen and highest son of our God and Goddess.

Wolf is here now, and I am fully grown – in the times of old adulthood was heralded by the full bonding between a human and their spirit animal. WOLF is ready to take the throats of the wicked and those who enable them – just as he DID when I was a child. Those that stand against me, come for me I BEG you, let me awaken fully through combat.

As I continue to heal my voice will deepen and become resonant as it should be, people will listen to my story and message if only to hear the beauty of my voice. My ability to sing will return, and will be even more beautiful than my Annabelle’s, which IS saying something, as her song has always mesmerised me and struck me dumb with tears falling from my face, in awe of who she is and that she is mine.

And so in time I will walk this earth as THE Second Sun, it is not usual for a child soul of any realm to reach the age and capacity I have, never before and never again in ALL of Creation will a being such as I, inhabit the physical plane.

I am the first hunter, the first warrior, the first healer and singer, the first KING of our peoples. “There is nothing I cannot kill” and so AllFather as all true fathers do, wishes the greatest honour for ME so beloved am I, and so I WILL have the first opportunity to kill this fallen god embedded within our EarthMother.

I was MADE for THIS

If I fail, if WE fail – then AllFather will personally destroy this world and so burn the Satan/Lucifer out of existence. He will not risk his beloved succumbing to the parasitic infection of this inverted and fallen devouring-once-god.

We MUST act, the enemy has already lost, BUT this world and the creations here can still be saved, humanity when fully awakened, are among the most beautiful and potent of chosen children in any realm.

The world and everything in it, belongs to ME, and I may take it should I so choose, by virtue of my lineage, my birth-right, my capacity, my position, my strength AND my heart.

Your love and support is welcome and gratefully received, and PLEASE for your sakes in consideration what IS coming in these next years, do NOT disrespect or betray me, the OldWays are ABSOLUTE, as will I be, and EVERY debt no matter how great or small MUST be settled for this world to be made right.

I am the worst person in the world to betray or harm, and WOLF has remembered EVERYONE who EVER has, he has their soul-scent, and SOON it will be time for the great hunt to begin, for my name to be cleared and avenged, and for ALL of our fallen and parasitic-darkness-corrupted brothers and sisters to be cleansed, for EVERY serpent to be slain, and for the Great Devourer itself to be UNDONE.

It is not just any wolf I am bonded with, so great and terrible is my beast form, that legends have been written about me, the wolf within me, is Fenrisúlfr himself, THE Fenris WOLF, Fenrir, whose RAGE is great enough to destroy this world. Once he is unleashed, only the song of Annabelle will be able to call him back.

And so in the end, evil undoes itself
My mother and her coven were not believed about me because wicked witches lie and deceive each other as they do us
my mothers coven was fallen and disgraced generations ago, and so these ‘daughters of Lilith’ were desperate to ascend…
My father was so weak that those in his network couldn’t believe I was what they said I was without PROOF, proof that I with held no matter what they did to me.
Lilith questioned herself once as she raped and tortured me “is it HIM” yet she rubbished such an idea away

We are almost at the END, in fact the end has already begun, as has the great remembering.

I am the Lord Forester, and this world WILL be rewilded.

This world will be bathed in rivers of blood
So the Garden entrusted to our care may be restored
To HER former beauty and splendour
So the trees grow high once again
So the golden age returns
So the little ones can be safe again