AGGGOOAHHHH Brothers and Sister! (video at the bottom of page)

In this video, I want to discuss our ancient ENEMY, the seed of ALL evil…. that which is sometimes called the #Devil #lucifer # Baal #Leviathan #Baham #Satan …… (by the end of this video, you WILL understand the Devil and it’s nature).

The Enemy in truth, is a #FallenGod and failed Creator, a Sun that inverted… from another realm far away.

Names you could more accurately call this thing; #TheSatanicDemiruge #TheGreatDevourer #TheGreatEnemy

I also speak of its chosen children, known throughout the ages as: #Serpents, #Dragons, #Anunnaki, #Mephistopheles, #Demons, #Makers

I speak on our #Fallen brothers and sisters, those human beings who have willingly bonded with the enemy and so become possessed by it. #ParasiticNarcissist #CovertNarcissist #Incubus #Succubus #EnergyVampires #Abusers #Rapists #Paedophiles

The highest of the Fallen being, the #DarkShepherds #TheCabal #TheIlluminati #FreeMasons – the #HighFamiliars of the Serpent Children of the Satanic Demiurge.

I speak of how this EVIL came to exist, how and why it came here, what it’s intentions are, how it ‘works’, how it feeds, and how it can be undone….

Ultimately how we can KILL the Satan.

I am a survivor of #CSA (childhood Sexual Assault) and #SRA (Satanic Ritualistic Abuse), and was an exceptionally sensitive child, I tried warning my core abuser. so-called father, and the other members of his network, tried warning them of Gods wrath, of the Sacred Law they broke, that carried such a terrible price for doing so…

I have SEEN the enemy, face to face… No other alive – understands the enemy as well as I.

We are in the end of days
And soon Ragnarok
A time of great reckoning
Long prophesised
Shall be initiated

And be reassured, during such times, we will be able to SEE the true soul image of the Fallen. And they will have nowhere left to hide.

00:01:57 Introduction
00:09:37 What the enemy once was
00:14:34 How the enemy fell
00:19:34 Describing the enemy in image and nature
00:31:03 The effects of the enemy we can notice around us
00:50:12 How the agents of the enemy travel the astral plane
00:54:43 How humanity first fell
01:08:05 The (3) greatest trick(s) the Devil ever played
01:15:23 The chosen children of the great enemy
01:25:50 The enemies line of attack
01:31:29 One experience of mine ‘face to face’ with the enemy
01:38:12 Physical and Spiritual Hell (and soul flaying)
01:45:28 How we kill the ‘Devil’
01:52:28 What happens if we fail

To Love
To Protect
To Serve
To Lead by example
To seek truth, no matter how terrible
To do the right thing, no matter the cost

The oldest of our Sacred Laws: The blood of the innocent shall NOT be defiled.

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