In this THIRD and final video I complete my case study of my most recent abuser, my #covertnarcissist #succubus #wickedwitch #introvertednarcissist #stealerofchildren #lifestealing #Jezebel #JezebelSpirit EX of a so called woman called Daphne

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I have intentionally WITH HELD her address, middle name, surname, date of birth, family address and so on.

This video IS offered as a study on a middle class, covert, subtle, spiritual narcissist. To share my story and hopefully raise awareness and help protect others from such monsters in the future. And also to make a public record of my version of events, as my EX has so extensively lied and smeared me, leaving me impoverished, homeless, without access to my children… all the while convincing everyone (courts and police included) that I am emotionally and psychologically abusive to her and my sons. A classic bit of narcissistic projection there!

Throughout the course of our so called relationship, she hooked me in, betrayed me with multiple men, blamed me for her getting pregnant and even for supposed past life experiences in which I “failed to protect her”, she has taken my sons away from me on four separate occasions now, I’ve missed out on 2 years of their lives at this point.

She has sought to diminish, undermine, frustrate, provoke, to turn me into the same kind as monster as her, and even to push me to suicide which she nearly succeeded on doing on several occasions.

I assess, that female covert narcs, modern day wicked witches, are the single biggest cause of #MaleSuicide – and due to the covert and invisible nature of their abuse, means they walk away Scott free after murdering their victim as surely as if they had stabbed him with a knife.

IF there was any justice in this charade of a society, she would be in prison for several counts of attempted murder of me, defamation, kidnapping of my children, lying to the courts and police and so on….

As it is, in good time I will tear them all down so I can finally bring her to justice for her crimes against me and my sons. And before that, well she continues to undo herself with her negative and poisonous and self destructive ways.

Dear #Survivor of whatever abuse, we are under immense pressure to NOT speak out about what evil was done to us, speak out – dear brothers and sisters. Share your stories, break the curses and word spells placed on you. Break covenant with your abusers, tell your side of the story, it doesn’t matter if anyone believes you – doing the right thing is what counts!

Time Stamps:
00:00:09 Introduction
00:03:07 Part 1 – Notes after recording second video
00:25:05 Part 2 – Random notes / bits previously missed
01:19:39 Part 3 – court documents

Narcissism resources:
Copies of correspondence between me and my toxic EX. (more will be added in the coming weeks)

To Love
To Protect
To Lead by example
To seek truth, no matter how terrible
To do the right thing, no matter the cost

The oldest of our Sacred Laws: The blood of the innocent shall NOT be defiled.

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