Yeah, the talk of 5d, vibrations, transcending etc…. Is a giveaway it’s not that accurate. Anything really that removes us from the need for real world action, and the willingness to die and to kill in order for this world to be made right.

There’s a chance some of them are keyed in, but the problem is our ability to receive such messages/channelling is proportionate to how deep and how high we have gone in our own healing… And how many of our own filters and preferences have been torn away, and how deeply we have given our self up to TRUTH no matter how horrifying and confronting it may be. And how deeply rooted in our soul-temple body we are.

I have a message (btw), that comes from knowing and remembering. It’s not a nice or cosy message, and people invariably don’t want to hear it. And would rather project their own limitations onto me rather than seriously consider it.

My message, goes a little something like this:


We are in the end of days.
The great remembering has already begun.
And soon Ragnarok (long prophesied) shall be initiated.
A time of great reckoning, in which EVERY debt shall be settled.
A time of the final battles (and the great HUNT) which will be fought with weapons of old and tooth and claw and fang.

The veil will be torn asunder.
Hearts and minds will break en masse as the TRUTH is seen and known by ALL.
We will come to remember who we truly are.
Our place in the order of things.
How high. And how low.
We will live and embody our forgotten birth right.

The Berserkers shall stalk this world once again.
Warrior Shamans, bonded fully with spirit animal.
Healers and killers without match.
Channelling the ever-rage of the AllFather
His highest sons, acting as his right hand.

This world will be bathed in rivers of blood.
Hundreds of thousands shall be deconstructed upon the cross, or burnt at the stake.
To save them from the parasitic-darkness they have bonded with.
Many more, will have their corrupted souls flayed out of existence on the other side.
So the enemy can be starved and weakened, it’s serpent children shall face complete Exterminatus, and this fallen God ultimately undone.

So the garden may be reborn.
So the little ones can be safe.
As they always should of been.
So a new golden age can begin
So the greatest evil Creation has ever faced may be undone.

To seek and speak truth, no matter how terrible.
To do the right thing, no matter the cost.
To remember who we truly are.
To surrender to our fate.
To walk the unfolding path.
To fulfil the promise given before coming into this life.

The oldest of our Sacred Laws: the blood of the innocent shall NOT be defiled.

My first given name is Ah’sigh’yah (phonetically spelled)

And I am something far more terrible, far more beautiful than a mere prophet.

And I have spoken.


Yeah it goes a little something like that, remember folks, the truth is the truth no matter ones relationship to it.

And deep in EVERY human heart, the truth is known. We must just remove that which covers over such knowing.

Things are going to get frisky in the run up to 2030.

Time to wake up.

As a heads up, I’ve been told through spirit, that apparently its ‘not wise to disrespect me.’ Also past life memories, of throats and lives being taken in a heartbeat for doing so. Apparently such times are returning. No threat intended, more a statement of protection to you. As I know how easy it can be for some people, to thoughtlessly insult someone over the internet.

Much love