Hell is one of two things… And I’ll throw in a third related topic for bonus points.

HELL is a physical place deep beneath the surface of the earth, where the heat from the earth’s core is enough to warm the waters and the air there. The serpents dwell and hibernate in large cave systems there, as do quite some numbers of caged and fed upon human livestock’s, who have NEVER seen the light of day, who have only known darkness and terror and violation and torture at the hands of the inhumanly malicious and terrible serpent’s, the chosen children of the great enemy..

HELL as a spiritual place, is actually WITHIN the Satanic Demiurge. The Demiurge is a fallen and inverted God of another realm, it is a black sun of sticky and tar like darkness, writhing tentacles on its surface, the wailing of the damned emanating from it.

As a human soul dies with the parasitic-darkness bonded to its soul-fire. So the Satanic Demiruge is able to claim that soul, and absorb it…. Thus gradually increasing in size.

To be absorbed into the Demiurge, is akin to ever drowning in a suffocating swamp, a terrible warm-cold sickliness penetrating you, the tendrils of this thing penetrating into every ‘cell’ of your spirit… It is to be fed upon, violated, tormented for eternity (should the Demiurge be allowed to continue to exist).

Bonus points: HELL is often confused with Soul Flaying. Soul Flaying is an incredibly painful process of a soul being flayed out of any semblance of identity or form and being reduced to source energy.

The parasitic darkness needs soul-form to latch onto and thus claim.

Soul Flaying is used to prevent the great enemy from claiming another soul.

It is also used as punishment for those who have willingly bonded with the great devourer.

Our AllFather loves his children so much, that he bears the pain WITH them as they are flayed out of existence by the pack of shadows-Gnashing teeth on the other side.

Our EarthMother loves and soothes the pain that her Beloved bears in the extinguishing of their failed and corrupted children.

Their hearts break for EVERY fallen star-child of theirs, that MUST be undone.

As a metaphor, a soul being flayed out of existence. Is akin to being burned alive in hell fire, starting with one cell and cascading out one cell of your being at a time until the entirety of you is consumed in conflagration. BUT you FEEL every cell burning. There is NO escape from the sensation of ALL of it. While in reality it only lasts a heart beat, it feels like an eternity.

In comparison; IF a human was to be brutally and expertly tortured EVERY DAY of a hundred year life, they still would not touch up against the TERRIBLE PAIN involved in the Flaying of a Soul out of existence.