I have…. A multitude of experiences of God, no psychedelics involved, here are some of them.

Earlier on in my spiritual journey, it was more the oneness, interconnectedness, love permeating everything, feeling connected to ALL kinda thing.

Over the last 3 years in particular, I’ve had more and more direct experiences of our God and Goddess.

I’ve seen Him in energetic form as an immense golden sun, and Her as an immense body of water reflecting the cosmos upon Her surface.

I’ve seen him be a golden sun, wise-strong-white haired man, black – nothingness – ever – shadow, white – wolf, and other things…. All at the same time, flickering, changing, yet ever static and present.

I’ve heard HIS voice, and even spoken it through my body as I relived somatic/body memories from childhood.

I’ve remembered standing before him in the time before this life, and the promise I gave to him and my accepting of this life.

All the things I ‘believe’ (although its not really belief, or even faith) are based upon what I’ve directly seen/felt/intuited/been told/known/remembered….

So I say undoubtedly that; we have a God who is BOTH universal energy as a natural force AND a being with intentionality and identity. Our Goddess is His eternal lover, and through Her loving of Him and serving Him, so she makes him GREAT. So also her fertile soils birth and hold LIFE which they generate together through their divine and tempestuous and sweet and tender and wild lovemaking.

Our God is physically manifest as the Sun. Our Goddess is physically manifest as the Earth.

They create souls and generate LIFE through their eternal lovemaking.

AllFather and EarthMother are the names that fit most easily for them, for me.

And they KNOW each and every one of us, as only such eternal parents could.

We are literally the children of stars. And one day as we and our soulmate complete our journey of many lives and many deaths and gaining radiance. So we return to Elysium where we are celebrated and welcomed and loved and rested and integrate our learnings and IF we are deemed to be worthy…. So we undergo a metamorphosis like a caterpillar into a butterfly, and so emerge as a young God and Goddess, to be gifted a realm of our own, to make eternal love in and play the game of Creation.

Every star in the sky, is a Creator, each with their own realm (of influence) within ALL that is Creation.

Our God and Goddess, are of particular maturity and potency, this Realm is one of particular beauty and potency….

They knew a great evil was coming, so this realm was created as were we, in order to fight and overcome it.