Yes absolutely there IS a spiritual cause for Paedophiles.

Thankyou for asking. In all honesty, I am probably the best person in the world to answer this, due to my own story of survival of such abuse, my exceptional sensitivity as a child, the spiritual insights gained through it and my remembering of being raped thousands of time throughout my life by hundreds of desecrators. I was strong enough to withstand torture and blood sacrifices in their attempts to make me like them. I understand the enemy better than any other. (The posts and comments on my profile, testimony to my story).

As a start, it is NOT natural nor good nor human in ANY WAY to be sexually attracted to children. To act upon such horrific impulses, is to damn your soul and so face your soul being flayed out of existence upon passing to the other side through death.

To violalte an innocent is the single greatest evil it is possible for a adult human to commit.

Just incase anyone needs it breaking down why Paedophiles are evil:

Three main contributing factors to the creation of a paedophile.

1/ repressed sexual abuse within your own life. Survivors of CSA often repress their own memories of being sexually abused as children.

Sophisticated paedophiles know how to intentionally invoke disasociation within their victims:

Abusers try to make their victims like them.. they try to pass on the parasitic-darkness that infects them. (See points 2 and 3)

Many survivors of CSA suffer with intrusive thoughts:

And when the memories are repressed, and at the goading and provocation of Narcs surrounding the victim, exacerbating the sibilant whispers of the satanic demiruge, so the victim can come to identify with such intrusive thoughts and impulses, which in many ways are the empathically absorbed energies and impulses of their ABUSERS.

Also, many survivors repress the deeper layers of experience of such horrific abuse, burying the shock and horror and pain and overwhelm and betrayal…. Often attaching to what is ‘easiest’ to bear, which may be whatever ‘pleasure’ is felt… By not doing the deeper work to heal, and staying attached to such survival surface-layer-mechanism, so some weak souls form ideas such as “it didn’t hurt me” “it felt good” and so use that as part of the lies and justifications for them to then continue such evil as adults.

2/ the carriers of parasitic-darkness. EVERY abuser at their core has an INVERTED energy, that is vampiric and corrupting and violating and narc like.

They do not generate life force like a normal human, and also have the parasitic-darkness, a spiritual parasite wrapped around their core-soul-fire. They feed upon the energies created by the abuse they dish out.

They have identified with the sibilant whispers and inverted impulses of the enemy, often through some traumatic childhood event. And they now believe it’s whispers and urges to be those of their own mind and being.

In our forgotten history, the first woman to fall, EVEningStar. Was tortured and violated for an incredibly long time deep beneath the surface of the earth. Her inhuman abusers taking on the forms of the men and women of her tribe… Eventually she willingly partook for a second, her heart and mind broken utterly, in order to try and prevent the suffering of the children that were being consumed and violated and tormented in front of her..

It was a beautiful and understandable failing of hers in so many ways… And she should NOT be dishonoured any further for her failing.

But this is how the witching was borne. This curse, the single biggest spreading of the parasitic-darkness, is spread by wicked witches. Covert narcisisists… Waging an unholy war against all men for this original sin.

In the forgotten promsie between man and woman. The man’s first duty of protection to the woamn is to protect her physical form. The woman’s first duty of protection is to protect his spirit.

Broken and inverted so called women, erode and destroy the spirit and goodness of men. They are the single biggest creating factor of paedophiles and abusers. At a rate of approx 7/10 compare to male abusers.

Warlocks, male Abusers who are the key factor in creating another abuser, do tend to create the very worst kind of monsters. But they are less common 3-4/ times out of 10.

3/ the great enemy.

The satanic demiruge is a fallen God. Came here incredibly long ago, with its serpent children, to feed upon us.

It broke sacred law in its own realm, trying to save the physical form of its BELOVED soulmate (it’s version of Earth), and so in breaking sacred law it’s polarity gradually became inverted, and so it consumed it’s BELOVED in spirit and matter AND it’s entire realm…

It has devoured other fledgling realms before coming HERE. Drawn by the impossible light of our realm shining in the cosmos.

It came here to feed, it’s hunger is unending and insatiable. To see it is to see a black sun, Writhing tentacles, wailing of the damned (souls carrying it’s infection who have been absorbed into the demiruge to be fed upon and violated for eternity) emanating from it, sticky and tar like darkness in substance.

The enemy studied us for a long time, and figured out the weakness in this realm. This realm of particular beauty and potency and magic.

And so it attacked the children first (humanity and human children) so it could break the defences of the feminine (woman-mother and Goddess-earth) so it could corrupt and weaken the masculine (man-father and God-Sun)

We are in the End Of Days, and soon Ragnarok the time of great reckoning shall be initiated.

Never before has Creation faced such an evil, it should be IMPOSSIBLE for a Creator to break scared law. If our realm falls, EVERY realm is at risk.

Two of the greatest tricks the enemy ever played: 1/ that the ‘devil’ doesn’t exist. 2/ that evil is part of the natural order.

This time we go ALL the way, not only pushing the dark tide back, but destroying the enemy UTTERLY.

The enemy lies, even to itself, truth will undo it in the end, and if that/we fails this world will be destroyed in cataclysm and AllFather will burn in out of existence.


You have been infected with the darkness of the enemy, which in and of itself is not terminal.

In all likelihood you were sexually abused as a child and repressed it, and at least one of your parents or an adult close to you is a sophisticated paedophile.

IF you are stupid and foolish and wicked enough to act upon such impulses in ANY way, you damn yourself.

The oldest of our laws: the blood of the innocent shall not be defiled.

Do NOT break that law. Such TERROR and PAIN awaits those that do. The sacrament of forgiveness their best hope of salvation before consequence finds them.

Find therpay, study up on narcisism and CSA, dis-identify with such voices and impulses and come to see them for what they are.

Seek and speak truth no matter how terrible. Do the right thing no matter the cost.

Some further resources are here:

In particular further down the page in the red and black sections for narcissism and CSA.