I can answer this.

First and foremost the idea of a ‘patriarchy’ as it is presented these days is reductive and bigoted AND a narrative intentionally designed to turn woman against man – classic divide and conquer by the powers that be.

The TRUTH that IS within the patriarchy false narrative, is that YES there is a group of extremely wealthy and privileged people who rule the world. The 0.01% you could say (men AND women).

But reducing the dark shepherds to a single gender ‘issue’ is so asinine it’s laughable.

Now with that out of the way-+-+-+-+-+-

ALL of our histories, religions, spiritual teachings, societies, political movements etc…. Have been corrupted/edited/misrepresented by the enemy and its agents…

Bearing that in mind.

In our Realm there is a God and Goddess who made us closest to them in image and spirit.

Our God is physically manifested as the Sun. Our Goddess is physically manifested as the Earth.

It is through their eternal and tempestuous and primordial and divine and ever-sweet lovemaking that new souls are born.

And so we begin our journey of many lives and many deaths, with our beloved soulmate made perfectly to fit us. Until eventually we gain radiance. Until eventually we return to oneness/heaven together to share our journeys and if judged worthy, to evolve into the next stage of our journey as young god’s/stars.

So yes the powers that be, have removed mention of the Goddess, the Beloved SoulMate of our God… For several very specific reasons, including as a way to make us uncaring and disconnected from nature. And as a way of weakening God, as the vulnerability of the masculine is through the feminine just as the weakness of the feminine is through the children.

We all suffer because of the desecration of the Earth. Our TrueMother. Gaia.

Our EarthMother holds us against her Bossom, she is so beautiful and so wild, we are born in physical form from her fertile soils.

Our AllFather bathes us in his radiance and warmth and guidance…

THEY know each and every one of us. And hold us in their hearts. As only such eternal parents could.

The great Enemy, the Satanic Demiurge threatens this realm, and if we fall so all of Creation is at risk.

The way back to remembering who we truly are. And reclaiming out forgotten brirthright, involves honouring THE Father AND the Mother…

‘The patriarchy’ is part of a narrative designed to prevent that.