Daphne sent this email 3 days after I first accused her through Telegram messages a week or so after I’d escaped her, of infideilities with Sean and other men. I had NO other communication before this in response to the accusations I made and found it VERY strange that it took her 3 days to deny my initial accusations of her multiple infidelities.

Series of emails after I had driven the items to the Netherlands in a rental Luton van, I had been told to drive my belongings back to the UK as they “felt too heavy”, My pleas for me coming out ASAP were denied and was told I could only come out some months later once I’d worked to pay off debts in the UK, I’d told her that this course would NOT work for me and that IF I wasn’t there for the set up of things, that I would not be moving out to the Netherlands at all.

PDF document of the ‘beginning’ here for easier reading.

Series of emails after several months of Daphne living in the Netherlands with my sons, this was the point where I had had enough and was feeling ready to let go and move on.

PDF document of ‘the rift’ here for easier reading.