Society hates men because: we are the watchers and the first line of defence, one of our God given duties is as SACRED PROTECTOR.

By hating and weakening and undermining and fettering and twisting and leading astray…. MEN.

So it is easier for them to control us all.

A man’s greatest weakness, is through his need of spiritual protection from the women in his life.

A true woman makes a man MORE, more than he could ever be without her. She is a maker of kings and heroes of old.

But fallen women, narcisisistic women, societally conditioned women… Attack the very essence of MEN, they stab where the man is most vulnerable, and so they weaken, and corrupt and even destroy their men, who so desperately need their women to fulfil their full potential.

This is why things are the way they are. The enemy has designed it perfectly to attack us all.

And the chink in the armour of women? Is through the love of their mother’s heart.

This game and war has been being waged for longer than recorded history, it ebbs and flows… Like a dark tide creeping in, then being fought back and receding.

We must come to remember our forgotten birthright.

Men AND women must become true once again.

And our societies are perfectly designed, to lead us astray, and disconnect us from what we truly are.