Here is my answer.

First and foremost, three of the greatest tricks the thing that we sometimes call the ‘Devil’ ever played are:

  • That evil is part of the natural order of things. (Evil is OUTSIDE of the natural order of things, it is an abomination)
  • That evil doesn’t exist. (Evil exists and it does so VERY clearly, one must be BLIND to think otherwise)
  • That evil is the opposite of good (The opposite of mad is still mad, GOOD is NOT mad, evil IS off the wall batshit crazy MAD, EVIL is the INVERSION of GOOD, NOT the opposite!)

There’s a lot of confusion and intentional misdirection that leads to people rejecting God… As the portrayal of Him is untrue in every representation we are provided with.

In short, our God manifests as the SUN in physical form, our Goddess (His eternal lover) manifests as the Earth. The death of their physical manifestations are not the death of their great spirits.

In the Old Ways, in the times of the first people, they would look at us now with disgust, at how low we had fallen, we are far less than HALF of what we are supposed to be. We are effectively a different species, due to the machinations and corruption of the satanic Demiurge to be fair… But still it is shameful and repulsive what we have become as a people.

Every history, sacred text, spiritual teaching, society, mythology, institution, political movement etc… Has been corrupted and infected with the tendrils of the great enemy.

They leave enough truth, so we don’t outright reject EVERYTHING and thus wake up out of the societal matrix that ensnares us. But they leave enough lies, omissions, misdirections, to prevent us from ever waking up.

Look into the sky, every star is a God playing the game of Creation with their eternal lover, through their eternal lovemaking so they generate LIFE, and by following sacred laws and setting up certain parameters within their sandbox, so they get to play the game of Creation.

The forces of Creation are primordial and tempestuous, which is why Sacred Laws are SO essential, and why a creator must effectively BECOME Sacred Law in order to be worthy of evolving into a Creator in the first place.

The satanic Demiurge, broke sacred law, it directly interfered, it directly broke free will of its creations… And so it’s polarity became inverted, something that had never happened before and never again will. Imagine a nuclear reactor, who’s concrete walls break, and how the energy is no longer contained in a helpful way. This is a metaphor for how the devil was created.

Now in the times of old, of the first peoples… We were an incredibly wild species. The most wild things upon all of this earth. But also deeply bound by honour and duty and devotion. We mated with ONE, and not just for one life, but for EVERY life and death and eternity.

And while in some ways we were savage killers, in others we were the most sweet and golden and loving things aswell.

We are hunter-warriors deep in our hearts. And men in particular crave battle and hunting worthy and great beasts, aas much as they do the welcoming arms of their beloved soul mate.

In the great hunts. Men got to play with team work and healthy competition and proving themselves and earning great renown.

In these times of old, the trees reached seemingly into the sky, great beasts roamed the lands, the magic/energy was so palpable. That you could see it flowing around you, and being radiated from every living thing.

The lack of observable magic in the world, is due to the viel the enemy has draped over us… And also from is gradual and implacable consumption like a parasitic cancer.

So it’s normal that in a physical life: Hardships, painful death, accidents etc… Would occur, but that is NOT evil.

That which besets us is born of malice, it is lies and corruption and violation incarnate.

In the times of old, we sought to emulate those who made us in our image. And so we lived as truth, we knew our place in the order of things. How low and how high we were.

We are the chosen children of the AllFather and EarthMother for GOOD reason, we are wild, savage, true, sweet, noble, devoted, chivalrous, passionate, kind, loving, empathic, furious, divine by nature…

We are wild beast, we are radiant angel of light. We are healthy light and darkness. Beings of spirit AND matter.

The modern world is just the latest system designed to make us meek and mild and docile… They have turned us into sheep-people. Who fear the wolf all the while getting farmer and slaughtered and eaten by the (dark) shepherds.

When in reality, we ARE wolves and lions and bears…

Every human has a wild animal aspect, their wild twin, their spirit animal, that is an essential aspect of their being, that normally the human fully bonds with once they reach adulthood.

I am WOLF, deep inside YOU know what animal you are bonded with also.

Out God and Goddess LOVE us… Beyond our capacity to understand just how much, and they know us too, each and every one of us..

But also they have laws we must follow, and consequences that are coming for us all. They are wild and savage and uncompromising, but also beautiful and loving and divine beyond our capacity to fully behold.

And the satanic Demiruge is the greatest threat ALL of Creation has EVER faced. And we must stop it here or else EVERY realm is at risk from it.