It’s twofold why they do it.

1/ the dark shepherds falsely believe, that there is some kind of small print within Sacred Law. That by telling us what they do, and that by us doing nothing to stop them, so they escape CONSEQUENCE for their evils.

They are wrong! The reason consequence has not really begun to find them until fairly recently, is because our Creator and his Beloved were trying to find a way to save the thing that they feed. It is now understood that it CANNOT be saved, that it can only be undone utterly.

And so it shall be, in our lifetimes, and so soul flaying will finally find those corrupted and fallen souls.. soul flaying is akin to every cell of your being burning in hellfire for what seems an eternity… When actually it only lasts for a heartbeat. This is the pain involved in flaying a soul out of existence and reducing it to base energy devoid of any semblance of identity. The parasitic darkness cannot cling to and feed directly upon energy without a semblance of form and identity.. i.e. a soul.

The AllFather loves us so much, even his fallen children. That HE bears the pain with them, so they are not alone in their terrible undoing.

The darkening cannot be allowed to be spread any further, and it cannot be allowed for the satanic Demiurge to ingest any more souls.

The pack has been unleashed upon the spiritual plane, the antibodies of the Creator, terrible shadows within shadows are TEARING fallen souls apart.

And soon, in our lifetimes, the pack will be unleashed upon the physical plane also. SACRED PROTECTORS will give themselves up to their animal aspects, and so act as the right had of God, their BERSERKER rage will bathe this world in rivers of blood, so it may be saved.

2/ it is a form of torment. Deep in every human heart the truth is known, no matter how FULLY surface level indoctrinated a sheeple might be, and by showing us they ARE low key tormenting us, which creates a low grade constant state of energetic discharge from the collective consciousness of humanity, which acts as food and sustentation for them and the fallen God they serve and feed.

They love to torment their victims, so torment us they do. Rubbing it in our face, all the while (falsely) conditioning us to believe there is nothing we can do to stop them.

They are in for a rude and terrible awakening to their folly, in just a few short years….