Dear Brothers and Sisters

Though a combination of hard work and grinding behind the scenes, for hours each day online AND life and the great mystery coming together and moving pieces on ‘the board’ into place.

And so this interview took place a couple of nights ago with such a beautiful man, who is courageously working as part of a team to create a documentary series interviewing #Survivors of #RitualisticAbuse. This interview is possibly a precursor to further interviews for his series.

And this interview is CERTAINLY one of many other projects and opportunities slowly coming to fruition.

I am so grateful, to this good and beautiful man, this Brother on the path. For hearing me and taking time and interest and doing the MOST important work for our #TrueFather in helping to expose and educate people on the #RealPandemic of #CSA and #RitualisticAbuse

In this interview I share my horrific story and my learnings, helped by his questions and insights.

To Love
To Protect
To Lead by example
To seek truth, no matter how terrible
To do the right thing, no matter the cost

The oldest of our Sacred Laws: The blood of the innocent shall NOT be defiled.

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