Dark night sky,
perfect black,
limitless night sky,
inner cave as breath,
ocean deeps,
intricate as a carved rose,
or the working of ones heart, or mind, or the world

Welcome to my place, as I awake and dream of you
the sun is falling, dark is born,
Dying sun gives way to moon,
Be before me, laid upon a nights wind,
your pale skin, curve of hips, softness,

light bursts from her, like fireworks on an autumn night,
enveloping, holding, merging with him, penetrating into his skin, layer by layer

open welcoming heart, smells like home, shelter, be warm… tender touch, in the right place, like a bird finding the way home, away from the winter, wrap your self into my arms,

laid upon back, looking to the sky now our ceiling, sweat upon skin, reach over, curl around me, seeking safety, love within the crook of my body, give, share, take warmth

and the light emerges, from eyes, tiny stars, born within, exploding outwards, starlight touches skin, as I look within deep depths,

Golden like the morning sun, painting her skin, beams of light erupt from within, like light piercing water

life’s song, the beat of, beats in me, in you

skin burns like paper, Skin strips away, dust, taken into the nights embrace

skins burns away red gold ember line, the edge red hot embers and ash, etched in coal, to beauty beneath

bows of enveloping

Golden light, stripping away his skin, light flows from his back, a picture leaps out, golden is the colour, rays, flows, stars

kiss, entwined, make love

again, again

something else remains, unearthed

Blue depths, frothy reefs, encirlce the birthplace, where stars emerge, come to being

what I want is a woman who sees the greatness in my dance, in my words, who wants me, loves me, desires me like no other

find myself alone