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Sat 7th May 2022

Subject: without prejudice: The truth regarding myself, Daphne *** *** and our children ***** and ***.

To those who know me and/or my Ex; Daphne *** ***,

I write to you to to give my version of events surrounding our separation and my loss of contact with my sons ***** and ***. My reason for taking such ‘drastic measures;’ is the extensive, subtle and unrelenting smear campaign I have been subjected to by my ex over the years of our ‘relationship,’ the abuse I suffered from her, and the lies projected upon me as if I am the abusive one (I am not). I appreciate most of you will not believe my version of events and frankly I don’t care. Through losing so much these last couple of years, I’ve passed the point of worrying what people think of me. I do care about speaking the truth, I do care about doing the right thing. Yes for my own behalf, but also on behalf of others who have been subjected to such abuse, and most of all for my children.

To those it may concern; IF you don’t want the truth or are generally a weak minded sort, don’t read this email as some of the content will be far too uncomfortable for your delicate sensibilities. BUT you should know that people like you – ARE the living embodiment of “evil is only possible because good people do nothing.” To further emphasize that point; sitting back, not getting involved, turning your nose up… makes you complicit in such abuse. There is no middle ground in such matters.

Abuse only happens because of silence, in shadow. There is an immense pressure on victims to stay silent. Personally I have had to overcome direct threats against my life, my safety, that of my family, false allegations, being metaphorically hung and other such things in order to speak out about the various forms of abuse I have suffered through my life.

There are a hell of a lot of good people in my story, who have done nothing. For those of you who have believed the lies about me, especially old friends – who didn’t even bother to come to me to hear my side of the story before adopting a position against me – that is your failing, not mine. There are also a fair few who have actively sided with my most recent abuser Daphne, I will never forgive you for your betrayal. For those that have no idea what I’m talking about, well by the end of this email you will, and by virtue of knowing either Daphne or myself – yes it does concern you, and YES I  have every right to explicitly state my version of events

For the tiny few, that have proactively stayed by my side through the ordeal of the last couple of years, I will always love you and be grateful for your support and unwillingness to believe the lies spread about me.

For those men here; who may be suffering similar covert abuse from some of your women folk; there is much information on YouTube discussing the phenomena of women who are covert narcissists. I assess this disorder as the single biggest threat men face these days, researching the topic and becoming informed is the surest way to protect yourself and your children. It IS difficult for many normal and good human beings to see and accept the malice within certain individuals, to be honest I found it easier to accept the wickedness in the abusive men I had been abused by over the years, coming to see the malice in certain women in close proximity to me throughout my life, their inverted polarity, that was quite a challenge for me to accept I assure you, and I understand if you likewise have a block to accepting that a woman (obviously not all women) can live and act from such a dark and malicious place.

For those here who took part in the humiliation I suffered through my ex’s multiple infidelities, understand that as a matter of principle I will one day come and find you personally, to discuss such matters face to face.

IF my ex hurts my children in any way to spite me. Let it be known that it will not and should not be me who is blamed for her actions, I will not be victim blamed because I had the courage to speak the truth about the abuse I suffered under her. It is those (many of them here) who enabled her wicked behaviour, who should and will be held accountable should anything happen to my sons.

Below is my reply to the most recent solicitors email I have received on behalf of Daphne *** ***. I’ve chosen this message-my response to share with you, as it lays the situation out clearly and in some detail.  This is my version of events. (IF you’re a sucker for punishment and want to read up on the correspondence between her and I that led up to this situation, see the attachments to this email, the best place to start is the pdf: previous correspondence.)

And finally; there are some resources listed at the end of the email. Also for your reference; in the media at the moment are two cases worth making note of, Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard in court and Will Smith’s slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars.

I am not needing or looking for any responses to this email. I leave it to you to decide what you believe and what you don’t, and what you choose to do or not as a result. – Daniel

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Daniel ********: Tue 03/05/2022 16:30 – response to email/pdf: 2117293 Letter to Mr ********

To Ann ******,

I acknowledge you inviting me to seek my own legal advice. However, as your client is very much aware, legal representation is something I do not have the financial means to access at this time. This is in large part due to the overwhelming amount of covert emotional and psychological abuse, and the extensive smear campaign I have suffered from your client (resulting in a degree of isolation and impoverishment). As a result, I currently have no other choice but to represent myself as best I can.

My response will be in three parts, firstly in part 1/Pretence I’ll be clarifying a few things contextually, secondly in part 2/ threatening court proceedings will be addressed, and then finally in part 3/ your clients request for my consent, I’ll be setting a more accurate context and responding to the actual matter you raise.

This email is in no way constituting an opening of dialogue or negotiation of my pre-set terms.

Please note; there would be no need for me to address the egregious points I do in part 1/ Pretence or part 2/ threats of court or the summary in part3/your clients request for my consent if you and your client did not first bring them up in your communication with me.

Part 1/ Pretence: The children spending time with their maternal family is in their best interests, expanded into the best interests of ***** and ***.

1.1/ In a normal situation I would believe that children seeing their maternal (and paternal) family is a very fair position to adopt. However, this is not a normal situation, due to a combination of:
1.1.1/ Your client previously communicating very alarming issues related to your client’s family.

1.1.2/ Your clients repeated decisions aimed at hurting and controlling me, often at the direct expense of ***** and ***’s best interests.
1.1.3/ Your clients narcissistic and abusive nature.

1.2/ There are a multitude of points which contradict your clients proposed motivation “the best interests of ***** and ***” both generally and more specifically related to your client’s family. I will lay out below why you referring to your client’s motivation as such is grossly inaccurate and little more than pretence. To begin with your client has told me many alarming things about/related to your client’s family including:

1.2.1/ that your client doesn’t feel comfortable when alone with their father.
1.2.2/ that your client is uncomfortable with how their father interacts with your clients’ female friends (your client reportedly finds him creepy and inappropriate in such interactions).
1.2.3/ that your client’s older sister Sanne sexually abused/experimented (including touching, rubbing each other and “scissoring”) with your client for a period of a few of months back when your client was a very young girl.
1.2.4/ that your client intensely dislikes and resents their mother – and hopes to never end up like her.
1.2.5/ that your client felt physically sick when they started to first kiss boys at secondary school.
1.2.6/ that your client has consistently communicated that their father was effectively absent throughout your clients early to mid-childhood, and that he had multiple affairs, and was guilty of failing to protect your client from your clients mother (who was cold, harsh, uncaring) and your clients sister (who was always on your client, making your client feel suffocated).
1.2.7/ towards the end of our relationship your client disclosed that they had to learn to manage and control a grown man’s excitement (who smelled of alcohol and cigarettes) when your client was around the age of twelve – a statement that your client then denied they had made when I referred to it several weeks after the initial disclosure.
1.2.8/ Towards the end of our relationship your client informed me after they had a therapeutic process, that your client had just somatically re-experienced being sexually abused as a baby by a man using his finger to penetrate your client anally (identity of perpetrator undetermined).
1.2.9/ Your client informed me towards the end of our relationship that they had repeatedly engaged in risqué sexual encounters with dangerous men throughout late teens and twenties, your client first selecting a macho/dangerous type of man in a bar/club before taking said man home. Some of these encounters had got scarily out of hand due to your clients confessed tendency to challenge and attempt to outdo/show whose boss to these “dangerous men” whilst having sex.

1.2.10/ towards the end of our relationship your client hypothesised that maybe it was her maternal grandfather that had anally raped her as a baby, which is why in previous emails between your client and I when discussing the previously agreed name change for our children, one can see that ***’s middle name was to be changed from ***** to ***, ***** being the first name of your clients maternal Grandfather.
1.2.11/ towards the very end of our relationship at a spiritual retreat/festival, after your client had attended a cocoa ceremony, and as I held your client in my arms around the communal fire pit, your client disclosed that they “hated their own softness felt in that moment (as a woman) and found it repulsive.”

1.2.12/ your client informed me in a heated exchange over telegram messaging app during our separation, that your client wasn’t physically raped (by your client’s father) but that “there are different types of rape, especially when under 3 years old…” which I took in the broader context of the conversation to mean emotionally raped. At this time, I was certain your client had suffered sexual assault as a child from your client’s father, due to the statements above, and knowing he smoked and drank in years gone by, and due to other more subtle bread crumbing hints your client had given. Your client has always denied their father had raped them. Bearing in mind what I know about how such abuse can be repressed, and all the alarming things your client had told me throughout our relationship, bearing in mind that I (foolishly) once very much trusted your client and what they said. I believe it was a reasonable conclusion that I came to at that time, and on reflection one that was engineered by your client, so it could then be used against me.

It should be noted that one of your client’s means of triangulating and smearing me, has been by using my certainty of your client being sexually abused in the past as an example of my “sickness in the head/madness/psychosis/seeing connections when there are none/projecting my own trauma onto the world” – when in all reasonableness with the data I had available, based upon what your client had said, as well as what behaviour I directly observed (which I now understand to be your clients controlling, abusive, dishonest and manipulative narcissistic behaviour), I still believe that to be a reasonable conclusion I came to at that time.

1.2.13/ ALL of these points above (1.2.1 – 1.2.12) are specific things your client directly, soberly and lucidly communicated to me, most of which on multiple occasions, many of which I have some form of digital documentation/correspondence of. There are other such points I could also refer to but for the sake of brevity, I think this is more than enough to convey the reasoning why it might be reasonable for me as their father, to doubt that ***** and *** visiting their maternal family is in their best interests.

It should be noted that since my own, genuine revelations of suffering CSA (childhood sexual assault) became related to my family, I have had NO contact with ANY of my family and have communicated very clearly to them that access to ***** and *** is NOT permitted, for ***** and ***’s safety and well-being.

1.3/ During my ending of the relationship between your client and I, I came to the conclusion that your client is undoubtedly a (undiagnosed) covert/vulnerable narcissist, a form of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). I will briefly outline some points below to support my claim. (relevant with regards to ***** and ***’s best interests).

For the record; the reason I ended my relationship with your client, is that for ten months after the memories of my father raping me as a child first re-emerged. That despite my relived and palpable terror, and daily episodes of vicariously reliving such abuse through body flashbacks, despite your client then disclosing to me:
*they’d felt uncomfortable with my father holding our first-born ***** as a baby.
*that your clients mother also had a bad feeling about my father.
*that your client felt uncomfortable with my father being around our children all along.
* that your client felt uneasy with my father around herself as a woman.
(I did ask “why didn’t you say anything to me at the time?” Your client replied to the effect that “they didn’t want to say/think that about my father”).
It is also worth noting that your client and I first met through a communication practice/method based upon deep listening and empathising in which “holding space” and “holding positive regard” for people carrying psychological trauma were common place.
All of these reasons make it reasonable for your client to believe me. That your client increasingly refused to believe that my father raped me when I was a child. That whenever I looked to your client for a normal human response, they repeatedly denied support or empathy or reassurance, offering instead only various forms of gaslighting or indifference towards me. Each time your client did this it felt like a metaphorical knife stabbing into my heart.
Part of the reason I hung on for ten months through such additional pain at the hands of your client, is because your client had led me to believe (as documented above) that they had also suffered such abuse.
I finally ended the relationship the very day after I had once again warned your client, they were going to lose me if they didn’t address this issue. On the day that I ended things with your client, your client had earlier in the day attended a therapist for treatment, and during this session your client decided instead to focus on a different personal issue, going against an agreement we’d made. This choice your client deliberately made heralded the end of our so-called relationship.
I now understand that such responses from your client were part of an intentional strategy to hurt me, in accordance with someone afflicted with a narcissistic personality disorder.

1.3.1/ Your client is a covert narcissist who for years has been subtly and expertly smearing me, and passive aggressively, emotionally and psychologically abusing me (such covert abuse is often invisible to most people, including myself until relatively recently).

Covert Narcissism is a personality disorder that means the disordered person behaves as a predator who carefully selects their victim based upon the victim’s capacity for empathy, agreeableness/trusting nature and pre-existing trauma that can be taken advantage of.
A covert narcissist is incapable of genuine empathy, creates and maintains a convincing yet false persona that they will do anything to maintain (as they cannot face what they really are), acts from malice and jealousy, extensively lies, convinces themselves to believe their own lies and ‘justifications,’ pursues infidelities, has an intense and overwhelming need for control, utilises various incremental and passive aggressive (covert) techniques to abuse their victim, has deep rooted fears of abandonment, and believes that their victims deserve the abuse they suffer because they are weak enough to allow it. They also believe that everyone is like them and thus plays the same twisted game.

It should be noted on the subject of abuse, that despite how your client has tried to falsely frame our separation to others; it was I that ended the relationship, I that evacuated the house of my own accord, and I who limited contact to just email, due to the abusive, manipulative and provocative behaviour of your client. There is proof of this and much, much, more, these actions I took are NOT the actions of an “abuser.”

1.3.2 Your client’s conducted a campaign of passive aggressive and indirect abuse, while I was reliving on a daily basis previously repressed memories/somatic flashbacks of being raped from as early as two months old and ongoingly throughout my childhood, by one or many perpetrators AND occasionally reliving being literally tortured.
While in real time I was losing my extended family, losing many friends who either couldn’t cope with the content of my uncovered CSA or were gradually turned against me by your client these last two years.
By the end of our “relationship” your client had driven me in some ways to the edge of my sanity. My at times distressed responses and outlandish claims, something your client has expertly manipulated and provoked from me to then later use against me and also get narcissistic supply from through other people. Some of who have then attempted to harass and provoke me on behalf of your client (the flying monkey phenomena associated with Narcissistic abuse).

I have extensive documentation to support my claims of the covert abuse I suffered from your client.

For the record, throughout the overwhelming majority of our “relationship” I thought I was the problem, as one easy example; your client blamed me for years for your client getting pregnant with our first child when WE had unprotected sex, I had repeatedly tried to make it right, tried to win back your clients trust but still it was held unfairly against me no matter what I did. I was relatively easy to convince that I was bad and it was my fault as your client made out; yes I took on such blame too easily, in part due to your clients constant gaslighting and undermining of me, and yes in part due to my unhealed psychological wounds from being abused like this as a child as the scapegoat of my family. For me to see and thus point the finger at my abusers is a relatively new thing for me, uncovering the full extent and nature of abuse that I suffered as a child, a huge part of being able to finally lay the blame where it should.

For the record, your client made what I was going through so much worse. Your client has previously lambasted me saying I needed her to be my mother. My response which I will repeat again – is; NO, I just needed your client to be my woman, to show empathy and be kind and loving to me. Something your client is incapable of. Something I no longer blame myself for.

It should be noted, that I have supported MANY other survivors of CSA and narcissistic abuse, some of which are willing to testify to; my character, my understanding of the subject matters and the love, care and support I have gladly and freely offered them. I will say on a personal note, that it was a privilege to support these fellow survivors.
That your client used my trauma as ammunition against me while I was in a highly vulnerable state and as a means to further hurt me, even to try and destroy me, is quite simply evil. And I do not use that word lightly.

1.3.4/ To bring this as relevant to the maternal family – I understand now more clearly that a person suffering with a NPD, are expert deceivers and manipulators. Through that understanding I now believe there wasn’t any sexual abuse in your client’s family at all. I believe that those specific things your client said to me were actually lies, designed to make me stick around and endure your client abusing me, AND also to create tension from me towards your client’s family, while also giving different lies to them to also create tension from them towards me. They call it triangulation in therapeutic circles. But additionally for your client it is a way to create two streams of narcissistic supply, (sympathy, emotions, positive or negative attention) from both parties in support of your client.

1.3.5/ Even if as I now believe that your client wasn’t sexually abused as a child. That still means that your client comes from a highly dysfunctional family system, a family system dysfunctional and toxic enough to turn your client into the covert narcissist that they are.

1.3.6/ My position regarding your client’s family at this time, is that ***** and *** visiting their maternal family would be no more damaging for them, than it is living with your client. That does not mean it is in their best interest. IF I thought they were at risk of sexual abuse I would not consider your clients request for my consent for a moment.

1.4/ Due to your client’s disorder, ***** and *** are at risk of suffering covert abuse from your client such as; gaslighting, triangulation, provocation, negativity, shaming and enmeshment.
I know from personal experience with my own narcissistic mother, and much study, and from talking to many other survivors of narcissistic abuse. That narcissistic mothers have a way of turning their sons into little husbands (a form of emotional incest), trapping the child in an enmeshed cycle of shame and responsibility for the mother’s welfare at the expense of the child. Your client has also demonstrated several times a worrying tendency to force their own experience onto ***** and *** (fear and hate and wishing me dead).

1.5/ Your clients repeated use of ***** and *** as a control mechanism and weapon against me:

1.5.1/ This can be clearly observed when I first ended my relationship with your client and I was effectively denied access because I protested your client taking complete control over decisions and shared child care. Your client tried a host of tricks and misrepresentations to justify their stance, a stance they later admitted to being misplaced on. All of which I have complete email, text and messenger app records of, should the need arise to present to a judge.

It should be noted that it was ***** and *** themselves that wanted a fair (half and half) split of time with both parents.

1.6/ Your client’s history of either waiting for and/or creating a time of challenge and distress so I am vulnerable, so your client can then effectively run away with ***** and *** back to the Netherlands:

There have been two previous occasions when your client took ***** and *** away from me overseas, in short:

1.6.1/ The first: your client took the children to the Netherlands for a period of weeks, after the lady I worked to care for sadly died from her terminal condition. Abandoning me and taking my children away at such a difficult time caused enough distress to have me contemplate suicide several times.

1.6.2/ The second: All together again in the UK, we were later planning as a family to move back to the Netherlands, Your client initiated an argument with the help of my “mother” (another vulnerable narcissist) leading to your client moving to the Netherlands without me, despite my protestations. A comment your client made not long before provoking such a terrible fallout with my mother’s help, was to the effect of “it’s easier financially if I go there as a single mother” (due to how benefits are calculated from the government).

When I then drove all the furniture and belongings to the Netherlands in a rental Luton Van, hoping to be of help setting things up for them, but also to hopefully talk sense into your client. Your client once again said I couldn’t stay with them and had to stay in the UK and work and pay some debts off first, before joining them in a few months. I knew there was something very wrong with the stance your client was taking, and I stated very clearly that we were meant to move and have a fresh start together as a family. Leading to a stand-off that lasted almost a year until your client eventually admitted that they had made this decision to hurt me. Once I forgave your client, and thanked them for finally being honest (believing that they would change now they’d admitted to such behaviour), your client then moved back to the UK with ***** and ***.
This period of time when my children were away from me, is the closest I’ve ever come to killing myself. The grief was unbearable and I was having regular panic attacks in which I was crying out for my sons, I was on beta-blockers from the Doctor to try and get me through such a difficult time. During this period a friend I was supporting through similar abuse with his ex, did tragically end up taking his own life by hanging himself. This was due to the smear campaign, vile attacks in mediation meetings from his ex’s brother and false allegations of abuse he suffered. I’ve named this man as Ross in a previous email, may he rest in peace.

1.6.3/ On both of these occasions your client showed zero care or consideration for ***** and ***, and has reported behavioural difficulties (in particular a hardening and lack of cooperation in our eldest *****) that your client observed in our children during the extended time of separation, proving your client was aware of the negative impact it had on our children. Added to that your client has reported to me observing similar behavioural shifts in the children since our separation, something that has not stayed the hand of your client in trying to control and punish me through ***** and ***, nor has it motivated your client to try and find a fair and equal approach to childcare.

It should be noted that I had no behavioural issues from ***** and *** when they stayed with me, and it is very clear to me and others that my sons dearly love me.

1.6.4/ Your client has shown again and again they will put their personal need to hurt and control me, over and above the welfare of ***** and ***. As of now once again depriving them of their loving father (who delivered both of them by the way), despite my fair warnings and pleading to your client for fairness and reasonableness. Your client being very good at taking things out of context to use against me, procrastinating and delaying responses to frustrate me, all the while sounding very reasonable, while creating justifications that it’s “in the best interests” of ***** and ***.

Through clarifying the context around these points in part 1:
* your client’s family
* your clients personality disorder and their malicious nature.
* your clients record of running away abroad with Flynn and Oli.
* your client making choices that directly harm Flynn and Oli in order to control and hurt me.

My aim is to highlight to you Ann ******, why as your client’s representative referring to ***** and ***’s best interests generally and within the context of their “maternal family,” is a statement of pretence, grossly misplaced and outright offensive. It also creates a supposition that I need reminding of ***** and ***’s best interests, when in fact it is your client who needs reminding.

I will re-iterate in the closing of part 1, you could have  simply just emailed with the bare bones of the request of your client, without offering such a false motivation or a threat of court proceedings.

To summarise, In principle I don’t think ***** and *** seeing their maternal family is any more damaging/dysfunctional than living with your client, and that I have bigger things to worry about as far as my sons are concerned, namely your client.

Part 2/ the threat of court proceedings:

2.1/ While I do not have available funds right now to pay for someone else to correspond with you on my behalf, I also don’t evaluate the need to pay for such at this point, even if the funds were to be available.

2.2/ Your client may consider:
* That as I am a military veteran/CSA survivor/ NPD abuse survivor.
* That I have a clinical diagnosis of Complex PTSD.
* That I am unable to work and am being financially supported by universal credit payments.
* That I potentially have access to discounted legal services and funding through various charities.

I AM confident that I can find suitable legal representation should the need arise.

2.3/ Your client may consider that while I wouldn’t choose court proceedings at this time, I am certainly not fearful of going to court in ANY manner.
2.3.1/ And that while I appreciate your client has done much to smear me and document my pained responses to your clients abuse, and has a host of people who have believed your clients lies to call upon as witnesses.
2.3.2/ Your client may consider that should matters proceed more fully down a legal avenue, that I also have extensive documentation, some few witnesses to call upon, numerous character witnesses, some expert witnesses, and a variety of media/communications to prove and re-enforce the many points that I make.
2.3.3 Your client may consider that I appreciate they believe they can trigger me in person and make me act out in such a way that it would harm my case. This is why your client refused online mediation and would only agree to in person mediation (and why I refused in person mediation). I am confident at this point that I can withstand your clients attempts to provoke me in such a way.
2.3.4/ But most importantly of all I will say for myself, from a moral and principled standpoint; that I hold on to faith that truth still has a place in this world, and that I WILL do the right thing especially when pushed in such a way, no matter the cost. Should we meet before a judge my core motivation would not necessarily be to win – it would be for the truth to be spoken, whatever the outcome may be. Especially on account of myself and the others I know as survivors of such abuse, and especially for the sakes of ***** and ***, my sons who have once again been stolen from me.

2.4/ With all due respect, I appreciate that you Ann ****** will be motivated to some degree by potential earnings and will partly advise your client based upon that.

You and your client can consider or not the above, and make what decisions you will with regards to your veiled threat of applying for a court order.

Part 3/ your clients request for my consent.

3.1/ Summary of the context from which your clients request emerges:
3.1.1/ Your client has effectively removed me from ***** and ***’s lives (again).
3.1.2/ Your client has emotionally and psychologically abused me over an extended period, of particular note is these last two years, where your client covertly abused me as my memories of being raped and tortured as a child had been returning to me, and being directly relived through my body on an almost daily basis. Your client also created a home environment for all of this to unfold where I was constantly fearful of your client running off with our children yet again.
3.1.3/ Your client has a clear and provable history of taking my children from me for asinine reasons and of making choices that are in no way in ***** and ***’s best interests.
3.1.4/ Your client has an undiagnosed personality disorder that means your client is compelled to covertly abuse anyone that is close to your client.
3.1.5/ Your client comes from a troubled family that created the monster your client is. It is not in the best interests of ***** and *** to see their maternal family – it is just simply not any worse for them than living with your client.

3.1.6/ Your client has worked to isolate and impoverish me, and to gather a crowd of baying village idiots against me, from an extensive and malicious smear campaign.

From this context your client is now asking for me to give up my fatherly right to be consulted on or to be made aware when my children are going abroad for holidays with your client.

3.2/ Initially upon reading your email, my first response was that; it would be fair and reasonable for your client to provide the dates and ask for my consent (to take ***** and *** on international holidays) through you her agent on a case-by-case basis. This would of been a more than reasonable position for me to adopt, and is a position that I believe a judge would support should it have gone to some form of trial or hearing.

It should be noted that I wouldn’t deny such requests for the sake of it.

3.3/ After some careful consideration over the last couple of days my position has evolved to; IF your client gives written assurance (a signed letter, witnessed by a solicitor), that your client is NOT using these holidays as part of a preparation to once again relocate ***** and *** abroad permanently at some future point. I will then in return give my full permission as the father for your client to take ***** and *** on holiday overseas without requiring your client to ask for my consent beyond this agreement or to inform me of the specific dates. Again, a more than reasonable position on my part that I believe a judge would support should it go to court.

In closing:
* Any/further pretence, misrepresentation, lies or threats in your communication with me, will be addressed first and foremost before anything else is.
* My email response to your client’s previous solicitor that I have forwarded to you Ann ***** on 27/4/22 (titled: child arrangements 2of3) still stands.

I await your response.


Daniel ********