Obviously I’m not advocating for violence nor saying to go and kill anyone right now.

To give a spiritual perspective on this matter, in accordance with the OldWays, from pre-recorded history, and born of the true gospel written into EVERY human heart.

There are MANY good reasons to kill someone.

There is NEVER a reason nor justification for sexually violating another, a hundred times over for a child. In the Old Ways sexual violation mean torturous death.

Our sex is THAT sacred. As are our bodies. As is our free will. To violate ones body, spirit, soul, will, sex… Is to betray many sacred laws AND to spit upon the very forces of Creation that births all.

So it is morally right in accordance with sacred law; to kill someone, to even torture them to death if they rape another, even more so if the victim is a child.

The suffering of the flesh is both an act of vengeance and justice, but also to relieve some of the debt to violator soul has incurred by shattering so many sacred laws. It’s an act of love. Of trying to save their soul further pain on the other side.

It can also be right to kill those who may protect someone who has broken sacred law.

It can also be right to kill those who enable/protect the evil of the satanic demiruge.

There are many good reasons to kill. Although such killing should be guided by sacred law, divine vengeance, lived truth, and following of the unfolding path and the will of the AllFather.

However, to take life for personal gain, for pettiness vengeance from a lack of self accountability, to kill a good person purely for the joy of killing them i.e. motivated by malice.

IS an act of evil, and thus punishable by death.

I have also remembered, from previous lives of mine. That for one to disrespect me and my station, was to mean I or one who served me, took the disrespect’ers throat and thus their life, in less time than a heartbeat as a result.