Well… Unfortunately there are ‘holes’ in EVERY Religion, spiritual teaching, society AND history, they have ALL been corrupted, distilled, edited by the great enemy to some extent or another.

However Islam gets a LOT right, there is much truth in the religion. And much beauty in its practices and people.

Islam and Muslims get a bad rap largely for several reasons… The spread of extremist Islam, which rather ironically comes as a direct result through USA funding and promoting of extremism via Saudi Arabia into the wider region…

Another key point of note of from western involvement in the region (let’s not even mention Palestinian and the apartheid there 💔) – THE coup in Iran, which turned a progressed and beautiful nation looking to use it’s resources to serve its own people, into the mess it is now.

This is all part of a wider strategy of the ‘war on terror’ and the ‘axis of evil,’ that really was used to destroy and control independent nations looking to come off the US dollar as the reserve/petro currency, and move to a gold backed dinar.

So it ‘helped’ (the agenda) at the time, to give us all a boogie man (something to fear and to hate and to combat) it also helped to give reasoning to conquer and control the middle east.

Since then, we have had the new boogie man of alt right, wokism etc… And COVID BOLLOX, and then RUSSIA in Ukraine.

Divide and conquer. Problem-reaction-solution. Used against and again. Strategies as old as Empire, dating all the way back to Babylon, strategies also used by ALL abusers.

Really all of these scripts are out of the same rule book. And all of them engineered by the dark shepherds who seek to enslave us all, they who are close to achieving their final aim, and who rather satisfyingly will horrifically fail so close.

There are MANY good reasons to be critical of Christianity (paedo priests and how they are protected) Judaism (Torah, useless eaters, Zionism), Buddhism (passivity in the face of tyranny) Hinduism (fucked up karma beliefs that lead to victim blaming), and yes reasons to be critical of Islam also.

But Islam is no worse than any other religion, and certainly better than others in ways… And has just simply fallen under the boogie man cross hair to further the underlying agenda to enslave us all.

On a personal note:

I have dear friends who are Muslims, and that I love and am grateful for very much.

People that blindly go along with hating the latest group/thing that the television programming tell them to, especially at this stage of the game. ARE complicit in the state of the world as far as I’m concerned. They are the useful idiots, the weak and complicit and the enabling, and they have consequence coming as surely for them as it does any of us.

I’ve also worked and served in the region, and deeply regretted my involvement in Iraq, which was a war based upon lies which as a younger soldier and PSD operative, regrettably I got caught up in for a while.

Coming to see the truth of the ‘war on terror’, and how despite my youthful ideas of heroism, warriorhood and doing the right thing – that actually I was serving the evil empire, was an immensely confronting thing, but a realisation that I listened to and acted upon when I came to see the truth of things.

I try and speak out about it fairly when I can, as the people of that region have suffered terribly as a result of western involvement, AND the wider agenda of the cabal and dark shepherds who are enemies to ALL of humanity and the world itself.