I will answer this question… And due to the difficulties and tragedies of my life, I understand this Satan intimately, better than anyone else alive.

First we must begin with the context-understanding… That the agents of the enemy, have corrupted EVERY religion, sacred text, spiritual teaching, history, society and established institution…

Such corruption involves outright lies, misdirections, misrepresentations of truth, ommittance of essential aspects of truth, and just enough truth so that we can resonate with some part of the teachings/histories… But with enough missing that we never awaken fully nor remember who we truly are.

Luckily the true gospel is written into our hearts, blood and bones.

The truth is, that the Devil, satan, the Lucifer, the leviathan, the great devourer, Baal…. Are names that all point towards the same THING.

It is a fallen creator from another realm, who long ago broke sacred law (which should be impossible as a Creator IS sacred law!) As it tried to save it’s beloved Goddess…. In breaking sacred law so it’s immense life generating and ever evolving forces became utterly inverted….

And so it became life stealing, corrupting, violating, devouring…

Its hunger is immense and can never be sated.

It has devoured its own and other fledgling realms before it came here.

The greatest trick the ‘devil’ ever played… Was convincing people IT didn’t exist and/or convincing people that EVIL was part of the natural order.

It is an abomination, never before in ALL of Creation has such a thing come to pass, and never again will.

To see this thing in true energetic form on the spiritual plane… Is to see a black sun, swallowing light… It is of a sticky and tar like substance, and upon its surface are writhing tentacles and appendages. The wailing of the damned emanating from it….

It’s nature is…. Lies, corruption, as a parasite-cancer-virus… Consumer, devourer, invasive, violating…

It lies even to itself… And it lies to those who follow it and serve it and feed it directly… But it is no fallen angel, nor bringer of ‘true light’ nor fire stolen from the heavens.

We are the chosen and most begotten children of the God and Goddess Creator’s of this realm, a mighty realm of particular beauty. Out of ALL of their creations we are closest to them in spirit and nature.

The chosen children of the enemy, the serpents, the dragons of old… Are the ones who dragged EVEning star under the ground and tormented her horrifically until she willingly took on the dark seed so long ago… Eating of the forbidden fruit from the tree of life.

Our children are that forbidden fruit.

The oldest of our Sacred Laws, long forgotten and hidden from us: the blood of the innocent shall not be defiled.

The satanic demiurge came here to feed upon us all, and if this realm falls, so mighty and beautiful a realm, so ALL of Creation is at risk…

As our God or Goddess may appear to us in dream or in vision, embodying an aspect of their divinity is such a way that resonates with a particular challenge we experience…

So the enemy, with it’s terrible and inverted intelligence gives form to itself an image that resonates with the wounding and the pains of a vulnerable and unsuspecting soul.

One of its favourite guises is as a fallen angel betrayed by a jealous and controlling god, that came to us to set us free, to show us the true light, to ‘do what thy will’ and so recognise our full potential..

Evil is NOT the opposite of good. The opposite of mad is still mad. Good is not mad. Evil is batshit crazy of the charts mad.

The idea of Christian sin is a misdirection in some ways… but yes the great enemy leads us into sin.

It’s sibilant whispers permeate this world… Strange impulses or thoughts sneaking into our subconscious and our dreams… Due to the polluted waters in which we swim.

The radio broadcast is even more potent when we are in the proximity of a fallen/corrupted human soul… All of which carry an inverted-parasitic-narc energy core at the centre of their being…

EVERY abuser is bonded with the enemy… They have at some point gone along with the sibilant whispers, and so it has progressively bonded with them and taken them over.

Those who serve the enemy, effectively rule this world and near the completion of the complete enslavement of all of humanity. The violation and torment and sacrifice and consumption of the innocent, our children… The most potent and favoured way for them to feed this fallen god.

We are in the end of days, and soon Ragnarok will be initiated… So that this world may be cleansed in rivers of blood, and that the great enemy may finally be undone, so the garden entrusted to us may be reborn, and so our children will be safe once again, as they always should of been.

The enemy and it’s children, despite the inversions of truth in our lores, they FEAR fire…. And the fire we catch glimpses of at times, is the burning that seems to last an eternity when a soul is flayed out of existence.

Hell is a real place, it is deep under the surface of the earth, where the serpents slumber, and where the demiurge feeds upon the soul fire of our mother… But hell is warm from the core of the earth… And they glamour spell it as a place of hellfire and demons, to camouflage where they lay.

This is the truth of the satan.