I’ve survived versions of MKultra conditioning. (some resources at the bottom of the article)

Basically it’s a form of splitting the mind, creating alter personas, some of which can be programmed, i.e. to be an assassin or sex slave or drug mule or whatever.

I was… I guess slave wiped at 12ish years old due to resisting other things they tried with me. It’s a relatively worthless designation, but all I was ‘good for’ by that stage in their eyes.

Basically by using pain and extreme experiences. So they can fracture the psyche and cause it to split… And once they are able to discern the split they practice involving a particular part upon command or stimulation.

Colours. Lights. Sounds. Movements. Pain. Isolation. Torture. Rape. Witnessing murder/blood rituals. Being forced to consume human flesh. Repeated phrases ala election cycles. Conditioning like hypnosis and NLP. Use of drugs and mind altering substances…

Specific things I experienced as a child that are MKultra associated included:

  • Rape – electrocution – drowning – humiliation (repeat)
  • Mouth rape so severe that my soul effectively fled my body/I died. And then was resuscitated in order for them to do it all over again, and again.
  • Extreme strangulation and other means of hurting me to get compliance and ‘submission.’
  • The use of an metal item called “the crown of thorns” designed to prevent the soul ejecting out of a body so suffering cannot be escaped.
  • Drugging and hallucinogens.
  • Isolation.
  • Being stretched on a rack.
  • Stress positions
  • Extremes of heat and cold
  • Being locked in a cramped box in pitch darkenss for an extended period.
  • Children bring murdered ‘because’ I would not comply and abuse them like they wanted me to.
  • Witnessing children being butchered and even chopped up and consumed/drank.
  • Being forced to kill a baby, I was 5 and a half. And the man forced a knife in my hand, and wrapped his hand around mine ‘making me do it’s and then later conditioning me to believe I did it of my own volition.
  • Extreme conditioning, pacing and then leading, it’s for my own good, they’re trying to get the dirtiness out of me…. Hypnosis, suggestion, carrot and stick enforced NLP kinda stuff.
  • Colours… The used this a lot at the facility, trying to create an split and alter.
  • Encouraged relationship and bonds with children that were later killed/tortured and/or betrayed me.
  • Dark rituals, occult like lucifarian calling in the bringer of light shit.
  • My core abuser (father) used a specific lullaby and strokes on my face to bring me into a disassociated state. And then opposite hand movements and a different lullaby to bring me to a normal state.
  • There’s more but that covers the broad strokes of it.

Are all strategies used to create splits in the personality and to be able to invoke them at will.

The CIA is on record practising this shit. But tbh it’s much older. The paedo network I was trafficked in was cognisant in such practices, and by their words such practices were ‘ancient and proven’

They use similar low level conditioning like this in media. For example the news is simple a low level form of trauma conditioning.

They know exactly what they are doing. And have used it through the rise and fall of many great empires/civilisations.


  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MKUltra
  • https://twitter.com/RealCathyOBrien
  • https://twitter.com/CzebotarJessie
  • Use Tor or Brave browsers and search for MK Ultra and Project Monarch