This is a good question! And I have a damn good answer, if somewhat unconventional.

My opening context; is that every history, religion, sacred text, spiritual teaching, society, established institution… Has effectively been corrupted and edited and come to be things which are part of that web of lies which keep us trapped in a waking dream that is actually a nightmare… That keeps us disconnected from our forgotten birthright and inherent nature.

We ARE beings of heaven AND earth, spirit AND matter…

And I will speak of what it means to be a TRUE MAN, in accordance with the Old Ways!

Before we come into this life, we are stood before our God, AllFather, incarnate in physical form as the sun. He offers us a life… And part of that life involves a promise given to him, a sacred charge, a quest, a DUTY for us to fulfil in that life.

First and foremost: purpose and the promise.

a MAN is PURPOSE.. So he must come to remember his promise, and so surrender to his fate and his destiny, walking the unfolding path laid out before him, in ACCORDANCE with Gods will… In giving his wants and ambitions up in service to the Realm and God’s plan, in making himself a slave to his duty… So he is set free.

Secondly: Sacred Protector

A MAN is SacredProtector… Sworn to protect and steward the Earth, wich IS the garden entrusted to us, the physical manifestation of our Goddess, the eternal lover of the AllFather.. so a man is sworn to honour and protect the other species here, the feminine, the Earth itself…

So he comes to regard every TRUE woman as a daughter of the EarthMother, made in Her image… Just as he comes to regard himself and other TRUE men as sons of the AllFather, made in His image.

Part of the duty as SacredProtector… As the first line of defence, is the duty of discernment, he must come to know the difference between good men and women, and the carriers of parasitic darkness – male and female predators… Those who have betrayed their own humanity and so no longer fall under the shelter of protection.

Are you educated and informed about narcissists, dark triad personalities, how they mimic and abuse and weave a web of lies that even they believe to an extent? You MUST be an expert on such predators, as they will either abuse and destroy you or those you love and/or enrol your beautiful desire to protect in their machinations and so use you to destroy a good person and victim through their false allegations and smearing.

To BE SacredProtector you must be discerning of modern day; wicked witches, warlocks, succubus, incubus, vampires, energy vampires, Mara…

Third: soul mating (his greatest reward)

A man seeks out his beloved soul mate, that female soul and form perfectly made to fit him and please him in every way. Her shape her taste her voice her ways… The perfect compliment to him. Such is the devotion between beloved souls… That we are supposed to mate with ONE. Not just for life, but for EACH life and EACH death… Until eventually radiance is earned and together hand in hand they return to the halls of Elysium, to be celebrated and recognised and loved for a journey well travelled.

A man MUST remember his promise and LIVE his purpose in order to be worthy of his Beloved finding him and serving him, so he may serve the realm ever more powerfully.

Such love does not waver, nor grow old, it only deepens with time and GROWS… Such passion, such animal expression, such sweet tenderness, such devotion and relief and happiness that every human heart knows and longs for but has consciously ‘forgotten.’ Once soul mates makes love, the love making NEVER ends.

Fourth: to seek truth no matter how terrible.

TRUTH.. as a TRUE MAN, so a man must come to seek and speak truth no matter how terrible!!! He must recognise when he avoids it because it is ‘too uncomfortable’.. until eventually he BECOMES truth and lives and expresses it as deeply as he can bear… As a son of the AllFather, so we take inspiration from and seek to emulate Him! So we come to recognise TRUTH through the unfolding that moves through us and lived resonance and deep knowing within, far beyond the limitations of the mind..

Fifth: to do the right thing no matter the cost.

The modern world teaches and conditions us away from doing the right thing because of ‘consequences’.. such is NOT our concern as a MAN. To DO the right thing is its own reward, and so we must come to do it no matter the cost. While pie lives are sacred things, compared to the charge of our soul they are small things indeed! Every human knows the right thing to do in any given situation, and even if it means they die or suffer terribly as a result, this is how their soul earns recognition and growth and honour.

Sixth: Sacred law

Our God the AllFather IS SacredLaw INCARNATE. So we must come to embody and uphold sacred law utterly! The true gospel is written into our blood, bones and hearts.

Our honour and boundaries containing such primordial forces. the powerful you become as a man, so the deeper your integrity and sacredness and nobility and honour must become.

The oldest of our laws, long hidden from us: the blood of the innocent shall not be defiled.

Our children being the forbidden fruit upon the tree of life.

Seventh: Consequence

In the days of old, consequence was a LIVING and a BREATHING thing… The highest of men, CHOSEN men, those highest sons closest to the AllFather were arbiters and enactors of divine justice and vengeance.

We are in the end of days, and soon Ragnarok a time of great reckoning and the final battles will be initiated.

Every man longs for his own nobility, his own honour and chivalry…

But also EVERY man has a warrior longing on his heart. And an animal spirit-essence as part of him. The older and more learned a soul, the greater the soul becomes in EVERY way.

The highest of men, that may become chosen men. When awakened become warrior-shamans, healers and killers without match. They come to channel and surrender to the unending fury of the AllFather himself, and so become as the right hand of God, enacting his justice upon this world. Dancing the blood war dance, their blood lust and animal aspect possessing them FULLY.

Every true man LONGS to take life and to give life, in accordance with the unfolding path and god’s will.

The longing for battle, honourable death surrounded by the bodies of countless enemies torn apart… The longing for the sweet surrender to the bloodlust and battle rage… A beautiful and needed thing, now more than ever.

Eighth: Tenderness

We are beings of the crossroads, spirit and matter, love and strength. Our love tempers our strength and our strength boundaries and directs our love.

As we become wild and true and uncompromising, yes we recognise a greater man that is worthy to lead us, and also we know when we are the greater man. We know our place in the order of things, our pecking order within the pack.

But even when we are higher than another, we remind humble and sweet, unless disrespect is shown.

And in our tenderness, wether with our love or our children or the world or our brothers.. so we feel so deeply and compassionately, so we hold and embrace and honour and cherish ALL who deserve it.

Our passion and our love match each other, and we must allow ALL of our humanity to shown through.

Also… A man weighs what he does with the impact upon the world. What TRUE man seeks to enrich himself if it pollutes and rapes and pillages the earth our mother? What man would ever in good faith bed a woman who was not made for him?

Ninth: wildness and spirit.

We are beings of spirit…. Divine and sacred things, the closest in image and spirit to those who made us, and we must know our place. How far beneath them we are, and how high. But our elevation does not make us better than, not give us permission to turn ‘lesser’ things into commodities… We see and honour the sacredness in it all!

And to awaken, so we must come to rewild ourselves, to walk barefoot upon the earth, climb trees and rocks, bathe in natural bodies of water, become impervious to cold and heat… And to express our wildness freely and fully in noise and song and movement.

We are the most wild things upon all of the earth. And the most savage. We have merely been made to forget.

Tenth: we are at war.

Long ago, a fallen and inverted god, the satanic demiruge and it’s serpent children came here. They are lies and corruption and violation. And have spread the dark seed amongst our world and our people over many millennia. Love cannot save nor defeat such evil. Only sacred law, and truth, and consequence, held yes in love but enacted FULLY and TERRIBLY to the very end. Only this Will save our world. Only this Will protect our children. Only this Will undo the greatest evil that has ever existed and that ever will.

What part will YOU play brothers!? In these end of days?

  • Where is your WARRIOR spirit?
  • Where is your DEVOTION?
  • Where is your HONOUR your NOBILITY?
  • Where is your sweet tenderness and your savage and unending FURY?

You must awaken, you know the truth deep within your heart. Your conditioned AND indoctrinated mind in many ways an enemy to the truth you carry deep within.

The great remembering has already begun, so REMEMBER who and what you are!

For the times of great reckoning draw near, and you MUST be ready for them.

The AllFather commands it, the EarthMother needs our protection. And it shall be so.