The boy and the wolf sat down upon the rolling hills, the boy had hair golden white, lit by the setting suns rays, he had a cheeky smile, and an easy laugh.

He was happy, he dreamed of soon sitting with his friends once again. In the dream, one of them asked him, why are you not playing like you used to? As if the friend had missed the Boy from before.. But the boy sat there, not needing to, happy and full, listening, watching his friends.. one of them said a kind thing to the Boy, and tears sprung to the Boys eyes as he felt love blossom within..

Then… a couple of men walked past, and sneered at the boy, at his gentleness, which had been looking to emerge for so long, like grass breaking and shooting forth into life around the gardens stony path.

Jumping up, the Wolf paced back and forth
Eyes became red and he grew in size, as if possessed
Speaking in a low, guttural, snarling, growl.

Boy, I trust and see, that you are becoming free.
But know, that if they shame you, hurt you for being true
Then I will carry you away, and set on them in rage and fury
my teeth will rend, tearing out their throats
my claws will flay their skin
I will devour them, their hearts and their flesh, taking their eyes last of all, so they must watch on as I destroy them, so they can know only darkness..”

The boy looked at his Wolf and nodded, remembering older times, when he had been afraid, of the Wolfs anger..

Tears came to the Boy,
His eyes, coloured like the shades of the forest, filled with love..
His heart, remembered how the wolf.. His Wolf had protected him over the years.

The small Boy, somehow, now seemed larger, than the giant Wolf..

He walked forward on earth and grass stained feet, and placed a tender hand upon the Wolf’s powerful shoulders, the Boy kissed him there, and burying his face in the brown, greying fur..

the scent of the forest, the sea, the mountains greeted him,
the scent of the beasts flesh, sweat and blood filled him ..
The boy became the wolf, and the wolf became the boy
if you ever need me” whispered the Wolf

and the Man burst apart and cried,
grateful for who he was..