This happened long ago one afternoon, in a magical place hidden away, between two very ordinary towns..

The man and the woman, laid down upon welcoming grass, surrounded by trees of different sorts, as if watching over them both. They kissed, and talked, and desire grew between them, but still, he felt not free, she invitingly looked into his eyes, and said “you know, if you just want to fuck me, that IS ok”

The man saw an image flash in his mind, a needle which pierced her eye, a whisper, barely heard, said “get away from me”

Everyone had always told him he was bad, yet they had hurt him.. but he could never harm her, and it scared him how deeply he felt.

Then he blinked and looked into her anew, telling her what he had seen, despite fearing she would think he meant to harm her.

BUT she was not shocked by his words, still there she looked at him, holding him with her soft, fearless gaze.

It started with him rolling his neck, as a wave passed through him,

He wanted to laugh, from deep within

he wanted to roar, to howl..

And he tasted her mouth, and her neck with his lips and tongue, his sank his teeth into her soft skin, and felt such hunger..

he laid back on the grass, watching her stand..

And she ran away, laughing gaily, as if this were a dream…

He stood to his feet, uncurling, everything was changing, in his spirit self, fur burst from his skin, his teeth became long, and roots grew down from his feet into the earth, he was glorious in his primal freedom, an elemental of earth, of sweat and blood..

She was nymph like, beautiful and fey, and the air became so thick, he could reach out and hold it, everything was alive, the trees spoke as they creaked in the wind, the grass, a sea caressing his feet…

She looked back over her shoulder at him, taunting, inviting…

There was such easy, purpose, as he stalked his prey.. through this ethereal world, no need to rush, he would catch her when he chose.. she could not escape..

He was as a Wolf, hunting a Doe through a moonlit forest..

And He hunted Her, through this new land where everything spoke to him..

Prowling effortlessly, power filled him, his feet tearing up roots, and planting them deep again with each step…

In his minds eye..

he caught up with her, clipping her heels to trip, and bearing her in his strong arms, to the waiting grass.

His lips, his teeth found her, his hands held her down, then ripping her clothes from her body..

In furious passion, with a love that was not human, but of a beast, he tore away her skin, devoured her flesh, tasting the wetness of her blood, her desire..

Her body consumed, only she remained, naked, glowing and utterly beautiful beneath him..

his heart burst, in wonder of who she was, and the sun engulfed them.

This vision lasted a heartbeat and an eternity, He blinked, and found himself stalking her through this strange and beautiful land once again, feeling more alive than he could remember, no right, no wrong, just him, and her, and the forest..

Stumbling up the hill together, as if drunk, she walked before him, leaning back, against him, holding him, where he ached..

His hands pulsing with life, discovering her..

He pushed her against a tree, held his body against hers, and heard her gasp..

So…. he thought to himself with a smile, this is what desire feels like..