The Creator, like a golden sun, so immense and so beyond the capacity for the human mind to comprehend (he could only be felt), created everything in his realm, for it was his nature.

He inhabited everything, he is the space between the molecules and atoms, he is love, he binds everything
together and loves all of his creations to a depth we cannot fathom.

Among the stars, planets, the universe itself – all were born of him.
Among the most treasured of his creations were human beings, they were his favoured children above all else.

For a long time, the humans lived as they should, in accordance of his laws, stewards of the garden, connected to an internal compass – embedded in their solar plexus. Free will was part of the deal….. or so they say – but the most nourishing path – and quickest home, lay upon walking the path shown by the internal compass bearing of truth, in which each person manifested their own particular journey, gradually working their way home, to oneness, unlimited belonging, unlimited love, unlimited goodness, to him.

In the heart cave of every human, he placed a golden shard of himself, and although it always could warm and comfort his children with its glow – the glow intensified as the people lived in accordance with his essential laws, and when they followed the path lain out before them from internal truth.

These humans lived upon the earth, learning and growing upon their path, and when they died – they passed to the other side – where their souls continued their journey, at the point where they reached a limit, they once again were reborn to the earth…. and so it continued, life, soul journey, life, soul journey – until ultimately they returned home – to oneness with him.

One of the other ways the humans served him best, was to behold and reflect back the beauty of what he had made.

As the Creator enjoyed and feared for his children, free in their will, yet bound to the ultimate truth of their existence… The humans at their highest being, enjoyed such a communion with their children, the most powerful healers, the most pure and innocent among them.

But something changed, a long time ago, an entity – alien in every-way, not of this realm, came close – drawn by the dazzling light of that which could destroy it, the innocence and purity of the Creators children’s, children.

Over the centuries and millennium, this entity, like a black oil, a disease, a virus, a terrible sickness, insidious, with creeping tendrils, gradually reached out and corrupted all that it touched, all that were corrupted at some point made a choice, and so were responsible for what happened to them and the darkening of the shard they carried in their chest. Some, darkest and most depraved were gifted visions and premonitions of their rewards for serving such a thing, but they were lies, all lies – and they were no more than food for is unending hunger…. As the entity was the great devourer, not some fallen angel
nor cast off from above, its currency was lies and deception and corruption. Twisting truths, and bit by bit corrupting the children of the Creator to its will.

Especially vicious was its assault against those most pure and innocent, the children…. for in their suffering and torment, led most quickly to the corrupting of the shard which every human bore in their heart cave, and most powerfully sated its unending hunger.

Over time. although all religions pointed to truth, they became corrupted, the people desecrated the earth, and were blind to what they did to each other, and were blind to what happened to their children.

The violators, the slaves to a lie, victims in their own way, but also weak, failing to make a stand for a truth they carried inside…. worked and weeded their way deeper and deeper into the echelons of power.

At some point, when the corruption of the shards of the creator reached a critical mass, he released unspeakable things, whose sole purpose was to defend the most sacred of ancient laws, that the blood of the innocents shall not be defiled, and these beings (almost like antibodies in the system of the creator) waited on the other side, their wrath and
fury was without limit, their purpose to extinguish the souls of those that had broken that sacred law, no longer could the disease, the rot, the darkening of the shards be allowed to continue – although each soul erased caused the Creator immense pain, literally killing a part of himself.

Some people say we live in a time that is a crossroads, where we must rediscover our connection to truth, where we must reconnect to spirit, where the rot and corruption must be turned back. The Creator is not at risk, but he is concerned. And his children have failed him. He seeks not to punish – but for his children to remember their beauty and their inherent goodness. And for this slow, creeping, sticky corruption to be turned back, and for his most loved children of children to be protected as they should. For the garden to be reborn, through the actions of those he holds closet to his chest.

The answer on the earth, was not to break other sacred laws to combat the infection. Ultimately, no matter the pain of the betrayal and violation – the only way, was to orientate themselves to healing, striving to heal even the most depraved among them – who had done such unspeakable things… Because if they passed to the other side, having taken no account nor sought to make right for their ills – they would be snuffed out into terrible nothingness, and this would pain the Creator unbearably so.

All (adult) humans bore some measure of responsibility, for the ways they had blinded them self from truth, or allowed right cause to be twisted by corruption, or by not fighting harder for the right path to be followed.

They lived in a crossroads, and time will tell the rest.