The End Times Prophecy

We are in the End of Days

The Great Remembering
has already begun
And soon the time
And Great Reckoning
Ragnarök long prophesied
SHALL be initiated

CONSEQUENCE will become
A living and breathing thing
Once again

Draws near
Of Spirit and Matter
Hidden aspects of DNA
To be reactivated
Our Forgotten Birthright
Remembered once again

The veil of the enemy
Will be BURNT apart
By the Radiance of the SUN
There will be widespread
Heart breaking
Mind shattering
As the TRUTH is seen
And beheld by ALL

This world will be bathed in rivers of blood
A new Crusade and Holy War
More TERRIBLE than ANY before
EVERY debt MUST be settled
EVERY Fallen brother and sister
Those bonded with the parasitic-darkness
violators and desecrators
Life stealers
Wicked witches and warlocks
Mara, Succubus, Incubus, Vampires
Those highest familiars
The Dark Shepherds

IF they cannot save themselves
Through the Sacrament of Forgiveness
Be cleansed
Of the parasitic-darkness
Through the  suffering of the flesh
To save
Their fallen souls

Witches BURNING in hellfire
Warlocks DECONSTRUCTED upon the cross

Worst of all
Many Fallen will simply be slain
Their souls undone for ever
Through terrible Soul Flaying
By the PACK of Gnashing Teeth
On the other side

So the Demiurge may grow no larger

The weak and complicit
Also will pay the blood price
owed and due

Do not fear death
For we live MANY lives
Die MANY deaths
Fear living a lie
Fear dishonouring AllFather
Fear failing EarthMother
Fear shaming your SOUL

Every society
Religion, institution, technology
Shall be torn down
Torn apart
Reduced to DUST

The OldWays are returning
Far older than you can imagine
Breaking forth like grass and sapling
Through the gardens stony path
To remember and embody
Our forgotten BirthRight
As the Chosen Children of our God and Goddess
Made in THEIR image
As the most WILD and DIVINE
beings upon this fair earth
The first and the last
One TRUE religion
Of this Earth

A hunter-warrior species
Honour and DUTY binding
and containing
Our SAVAGE yet SWEET nature

AllFather ABOVE
Manifest as the Sun
Guide us
EarthMother BELOW
Manifest as the Earth
Hold us
In your loving embrace

The ReWilding of MEN
The Beserkers will ReAwaken
The Ulfheðinn
Highest of Men
Bonded fully
With Spirit Animal
Chosen Men
Most terrible and beautiful
Highest Sons of AllFather
As His right Hand
Sacred Protectors
Healers and Killers
Without peer

And so the PACK gathers
Of Bears and Wolves
Of Lions and Hawk
Of many more…

The Thirteen kings of OLD stir
And remember what they once were

The final battles
Will be fought and won
With weapons of old
And tooth
And claw
And fang

WE are THEIR chosen children for GOOD reason
We have been made to forget what we truly are

ALL of this MUST occur

So the Garden entrusted to us
May be restored
To Her former beauty and splendor
So the little ones can be safe once again
As they always should have been
So the underhumans may be returned to us
To finally feel the sun upon their skin
To be loved and soothed
So the Golden age may return
So we remember our place
In the order of things
So the Earth Magic returns
So the Trees grow high
To the clouds above
So Great Beasts walk the land
For us to hunt
To earn renown

So the greatest EVIL
that CREATION has EVER known
And its chosen children
Exterminatus has been COMMANDED
EVERY serpent will be slain
The ENTIRE species eradicated
No dark cave within the Earth
deep enough or dark enough to hide in
So the Satanic Demiurge
Will be starved and weakened
And shown truly WHAT it has become
then also slain

IF WE FAIL to do our part.
This world will be destroyed
In cataclysm
Earths axis tilting
Great floods
Fire and eruption
Breaking Her apart
AllFather WILL kill the physical form
of His Beloved EarthMother
To save Her soul
HE will then BURN this fallen god
The Satanic Demiurge
Embedded like a cancer in the EARTH
Out of existence
With His EVER soul-sun-RAGE-fire

I gave my word
That this EARTH can be saved
As did YOU
Before coming into THIS life

We live in the single most important time
In ALL of history
What part will you play?

The oldest of our Sacred Laws:

The blood of the innocent shall NOT be defiled

Our beloved and innocent children, the forbidden fruit upon the tree of life. There are not the words, to describe the divine RAGE and CONSEQUENCE, coming for those who have broken this SACRED LAW


My journey and remembering of CSA (Childhood Sexual Abuse) and SRA (Satanic Ritualistic Abuse)


General articles on the true state of the world, God, Goddess, the enemy, who we truly are…

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The FIVE core spells of wicked witches

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THE Golden child, the singers of old and the depravity of wicked witches. (trigger warnings CSA/SRA/torture)

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The oldest of our Sacred Laws:

The blood of the innocent shall NOT be defiled

The FALLEN have betrayed EVERYTHING that it means to be human


We live in the single most important time, in ALL of history

What part will you play?


EVERY history, religion, sacred text, spiritual teaching, society, movement, science... Has been corrupted by the agents of the enemy

The TRUTH lies within

The TRUE Gospel is written into your heart, your bones, your blood. Seek resonance and knowing within - live from THAT place

You MUST be willing to die or to kill

In accordance with AllFathers WILL, and in protection of EarthMother and ALL of Her children

We were once the most wild AND divine creatures upon this Earth

and we shall be again, THEY made us in THEIR image, we are THEIR chosen children for GOOD reason

My story and message is impossible

regardless, the truth is the truth, no matter yours or mine relationship to it

When in doubt

Go FULL retard

Give yourself up to that which is FAR greater than yourself

Life WANTS to help you, listen for signs, follow the unfolding path, surrender to your fate